NATO vs Russia, How will It Ends? By : Erlangga Pratama

NATO vs Russia, How will It Ends? By : Erlangga Pratama
Foto : Vladimir Putin, sumber: wikipedia

Jakarta. Now, the relation of Russia and NATO, US and EU will increasingly insecure because of several political tensions event. The questions is how ends will happen on this phenomenon?

Russia has many reasons to protect and to guard their national interest amids high tensions between Kremlin and its adversaries.

Russia said Russia excuses western power of interfering in its internal affairs, Russia says NATO is expanding its influence to borders in places like Ukraine and Georgia, Russia considers countries like Ukraine and Georgia parts of its traditional influence area, Russia was responding to NATO’s decision to expel eight Russians acussed spying.

Meanwhile, NATO and its allies have many argument to blame Russia such as Russia jailed critical Kremlin Alexei Navalny and was earlier accused of poisoining him, UK blamed Russia for 2018 poisoining of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England, Skripal poisoining led NATO to cut the size of the Russian Observer Mission from 30 to 20 and Russia has responded those decision and Russia said contact with NATO will now be conducted through Russia’s embassy on Belgium.

NATO secretary general says ties with Russia at the lowest point’ since end of cold war. Meanwhile German foreign minister Heiko Mass said Russian actions have put further strain on relations.

NATO and its allies have blamed Russia has faced criticism for its crackdown against those who are critical of the Kremlin. NATO and its allies also denied of Russia interference in 2016 and 2020 election.

I think Russia’s decision killed through poisoining betrayed former spy Sergei Skripal in England was make sense because in the intelligence norms and values said intelligence officers and staff had forbidden to be betrayer to this country and punished who were betrayed “legally”.

Russia’s movement to control their traditional influence area such as Ukraine and Georgia has meant in the Russian perspective like defending its territory and national interest also Russia annexed Crimea as the part of defending future interest strategy but in the perspective of western countries are saying Russia’s movement in Crimea, Ukraine and Georgia are violating human rights and international convention including democracy crackdown.

I think both of Russia and NATO have strength and weak factors and both of them knowing well, so diplomacy way will be done, but Russia still obdurate with their way.

The writer is an international issues observer.

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