Political and security turbulence and uncertaintty in Myanmar

Political and security turbulence and uncertaintty in Myanmar

JI-Yangoon. Myanmar’s military elite are scary. This is not show before since firstly military coup in 1962 which was ruled by General Ne Win.

Scary and worry have been feeling by dictactor and their followers after forcely toppled throne is normal psychology condition, but recently their scary is rational and real. One of thing is anti coup resistence movement have raised and strong in many cities.

After military coup on February 1st, 2021, military has launched brute force to anti coup peaceful demonstrators around Myanmar. Rising chaos and terror every where. Military has been slaughting civilian, burning villages. The outrages has been pushing anti coup resistence movement in many districts.

Meanwhile, National Unite Governmenti (NUG) and National Unite Communication Council (NUCC) have formed national political alliance. NUG is a group of politician who were downed by military coup in 2021. Although this alliance is earlier formed, but military regime can be political surrounded, and in the same time, military has been trying to handle armed resistence around the states.

Myanmar Strategy and Policy Institute has reported that almost 300 clashes between People Defence Forces (PDF) which was formed by NUG and Myanmar’s military iin Sagaing from July 2021 until March 2022. More than 20.000 Bamar’s have fleed because military junta stampedinh and burning actions.

In the same time, clash between armed ethnic organization have been occuring in several districts such as Kayah, Karen, Kachin, and Chin. Armed resistence movement to illegal military regime has been raising around Myanmar.

In Yangon, urban Forces attacks has raised. This is make the family of state Labor whose working at State Council (SAC) have been moving to military junta barracks in Naypyitaw.

More than 1.000 junta personel have been targeted by resistence groups in Yangon. The latest shooting has targeted Vice Governor of Myanmar’s Central Bank which was controled by junta, Than Than Swe. Former navy commander and Mytel Communication Co officers, Thein Aung short in last 2021 and more than 80 Meluas tower around Myanmar have bombed by PDF.

NUG Defence Ministry reports on March 2022 has written that NUG has transfered USD 30 million supporting PDF.

Comparing with military budget around USD 3 billion in 2022-2023, PDF budget stil lower but resistence movement have teknology and sustaining supports from the public who are believe in that Myanmar’s military dictactorship can be ended.

PDF’s fund support has came from Helping Hands for Burma, Myanmar’s diaspora in New Jersey, United States which was collected almost USD 150.000 on April 24 this year from NUG’s obligation selling and fundraising events (Toni E/many sources).

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