The Role of Media, Youth and Scholars Counteract Radicalism and Terrorism

The Role of Media, Youth and Scholars Counteract Radicalism and Terrorism

Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) has raised its power, this is a concern for all of us. If the HTI struggle succeeds in making the country a khilafah then we will become a forbidden organization and it is a threat. Faced with these threats, we must fight for Pancasila and fight for our free state.

To that end, in the world of education should restore the science of Pancasila in its curriculum so that the younger generation still understand and apply the meaning of Pancasila. The challenge is that Pancasila should be packed as attractive as possible for youths to be more interested in talking about Pancasila. In addition, another challenge is how to make present and future generations proud to speak and apply the values ​​of Pancasila.

Not only that, the Ulema Council should be sterilized because the chaos that occurred late this is due to the fatwa ulama so that scholars should be in the filter as best as possible who understands the role. Indeed the problem we face today is due to akhlakul karimah and etiquette, where the media are now many who are not polite manners in commenting, create status and publish something in social media. The noise in social media will eventually emerge and get carried away into real life. In fact, the Qur’an warns us to write in a manner.

The role of ulama in counteracting terrorism and radicalism gives an understanding to society about the science of religion, the role of the media that is to be objective in disseminating information and the role of youth itself is to conduct a dialogue to the public about the state.

The role of the ulama must also be firm with the legal decision, because religion is not gray. For example, if defending the state is considered halal then the MUI should issue a fatwa that can be followed by Muslims.

It is undeniable that Islam is a good religion in which there is prayer to avoid evil deeds, fasting to refrain. Islam is revealed to be the moral standard in society and since the time of Prophet Moses until Prophet Muhammad SAW always called for good.

Terrorism is often juxtaposed with Islam, and many people strongly disagree with it because the Prophet never gave an example of it (doing terror). At the time of the Prophet, he also had the terror to do the hijra or migration from his own hometown of Mecca. And there is no Hadith that says the Messenger of Allah left Mecca for bad deeds.

Islam does not know terror but Islam comes well not to harm, and does not convey violence, because the core of Dinul haq is rahman and womb.

The technique of destroying Islam itself by way of alienating Muslims from ulama and keep the ummah from the character of rahmatan lilalamin.

The cause of the emergence of terror is due to the flow of communication between the ruling and the people clogged or not smooth and in addition the role of the media can also bring terror where the media sometimes raises the news that is not good, cleric also in the da’wah should da’wah good and also the police role where the police are unjust will cause people’s anger.

After all, the youth are very big in every movement and change, from pro-independence to the current democratic era. Youth not only have a qualitative role but also has a quantitative role. In the Law of Youth which became the legal umbrella of KNPI which says that the sole principle in the mass organization is Pancasila.

The problem now is that many people who disagree and agree with the leaders and rulers, but in fact the protest dragging the country where it should be in protest is pengusanya not the country. We do not want to be the son of a traitor who will not appreciate the struggle of our elders in the struggle for the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

The noble value of the nation

Knowing and following the development of public information technology especially Facebook users, WhatsApp Line and other social media with the aim that we can read and know the development of every news and events around the world is reasonable, but we also do not create and spread news that is not good news and stories Which is fictional and has no fundamental rules that can cause slander and gratitude to the detriment of all of us.

Especially at this time, the development of the Syrian state war crisis and the Korean peninsula crisis between the USA and its allies are polemic with North Korea and its allies, that is why let us jointly close the ranks and united to defend NKRI. While related to the situation Ipoleksosbud and Hankam in Indonesia and need to give refresher about the insight of Indonesian nationality about the history of the struggle of the nation of Indonesia therefore invite to jointly strengthen the diversity of diversity, nation and state of Indonesia so that we can become a safe state of Indonesia peace and prosper for us All Indonesian nation.

Pluralism that we have to be grown by fostering the spirit of the struggle of the Indonesian nation with a strong desire and noble execute cooperative relationships among all elements of Indonesian society so that we can be strong and strong for the sake of the establishment of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Last but not least, the noble value of the nation is also important channeled through the education of the history of the struggle of the nation of Indonesia, which is currently recognized or not turns out that history education is not included in the educational curriculum. It is crucial and significant for stakeholders and policy makers in Indonesia to be more proactive in incorporating the education of the history of Indonesian struggle in the early stages of school in order to counter terrorism, radicalism and maintaining the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

*) Datuak Tjumano, a researcher at LSISI Jakarta.

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