The Urgency of G-20 Evaluation Meeting

The Urgency of G-20 Evaluation Meeting
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JI-Jakarta. After Indonesia had successful held G-20 summit in Bali, November 15th to November 16th, President Joko Widodo known as Jokowi was held G-20 evaluation meeting in Presidential Palace, Jakarta, November 28th. On his remarks, Jokowi was said the government is going to make task force to accelerate and accomplish all of deal which had been made during G-20 summit in Bali.

“There is 226 multilateral project with USD238 billiom and 140 bilateral project with USD71,4 billion, and we must be made all of those program project and initiative project can fastly be implemented,” said Jokowi and further explained related to the acceleration of an investment commitment, because during G-20 summit in Bali having positive climate. “Do not any an investment commitment which had been approved in Bali did not realisation,” President asserted.

Then, Jokowi further said that US government through Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) scheme with USD600 billion, USD20 billion for developing electric car based on fossil through Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), and also an investment commitment from Japan, England and Korea Republic for Jakarta’s mass rapid transportation (MRT) and the cooperation with Turkiye for Trans Sumatra toll road development etc must be realized. “The important task of task force has been made all of G-20 summit commitment can be implemented,” Jokowi reassured.

Meanwhile, Finace Minister, Sri Mulyani at the meeting had reported G-20 meeting evaluation. “The follow up from G20 summit had been related to three theme of G-20 including Indonesia’s priority such as an energy transition sector which is the biggest commitment; G-20 summit deal collectiong an energy transition fund on just energy transition partnership (JETP) scheme with USD 20 billion. Besides that, said the former of Managing Director World Bank, platform energy transition mechanism (ETM) with USD 500 million commitment until USD 4 billion.

I think G-20 evaluation meeting have an seriously urgency and President Jokowi is going to make sure that “the expensive summit like G-20 does not only seremonial party or meeting, Jokowi wants all of the G-20 commitment can create job vacancy and the rise of Indonesia’s people wealth.

Related to this meeting, Indonesia’s people must be appreciated with Jokowi’s will to make sure G-20 summit can make successful legacy in Indonesia and Jokowi realizes every state fund which had been used at G-20 summit must beneficial for Indonesia’s interest and hopes. Jokowi does not cheat with “heaven wind hopes”, Jokowi wants everything can do it in Indonesia.

I think Jokowi must be underlined about the real results of high rank government officer or minister visiting work to abroad, because majority of Indonesia’s people has predjudiced that their visit don’t make positive think for Indonesia’s interest because all of an investment commitment which had been stated by them just only an investor’s oat.

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