Chaotic situation in France!

Chaotic situation in France!

JI-France. Riot police have been clashed with mass rallies on last Friday in France when mass rallies has been resistenced government plan to raise pension age in France.

The chaotic situation has made strike wave early and tonnes of garbish in many street in France, has made President Emmanuel Macron facing the hardest challenges on his autorization when ‘Gilets Jaunes’ or Yellow Vest Protest had happened on Desember 2018.

Quoted from Reuters, Saturday (18/3/2023), streets have been fueled by tear gas which was used by the police to disperse chaotic mass when they were crowded in Place de la Concorde Paris, near Parliamentary building, Assemblee Nationale.

“Macron, retreat!” chanted several mass rallies coordinator when they were lined up in front off riot police. Night Friday’s clash had followed with ones which was happened on Thursday, after Macron had decided to push through pension reform without voting in parliament.

The reform has raised pension age in Frace to be 64 years old, according to the government it is useful to make system does not bankrupt. Workers union and most og voters had been denied.

France has bounded to retain pension age at 62 years old which it is the lowest pension age among OECD countries.

Toluna Harris Interactive polling for RTL radio had shown that more than 8 respondent does not happy with government decision and 65 percent respondent have wanted mass rallies and strike movement must be continued.

The wide alliance from the main France’s worker unions have said that they are going to continue their mobilization to try and to persist policy cancellation.

Parliament’s member from left wings and centre wings have given their motion of no confidence in parliament on last Friday. But even though Macron has been lost majority supports at lower parliament assembly on the last general election, it is any probability it will be happened.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron

Conservative Party leaders Les Republicains (LR) does not support motion of no confidence which was released on last Friday. Right wings has predicted, they are going to submit in the next day.

“So far, France government will certainly win over motion of no confidence like that,” the head of econom Berenberg Holger Schmieding.

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