Why is Islamic Caliphate forbidden in Indonesia?

Why is Islamic Caliphate forbidden in Indonesia?

JI-Jakarta. Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja, leader of Khilafatul Muslimin was arrested by the National Police on Tuesday related to motorbike convoys in Jakarta and other cities promoting the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate. Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja is a a close friend and a former right hand of Abu Bakar Bashir, spiritual leader Jemaah Islamiyah, the Southeast Asian wing of international terrorist network al-Qaida. Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja had prisoned at the National Police Metro Jaya in Jakarta. He was charged with article 59 paragraph 4 in conjunction with Article 82 paragraph 2 of Law Number 16 of 2017 concerning mass organization and Article 14 paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 and or Article 15 of Law Number 1 of 1946 concerning Criminal Law Regulations with a minimum penalty of 5 years in prison and a maximum of 20 years in prison.
Khilafatul Muslimin, one of militant group which consistently promoting the implementation of Islamic values and norms under the Islamic caliphate framework. This group are accepting dan having some of members mainly in the Lampung provincial capital of Bandarlampung, because the headquarter of Khilafatul Muslimin in Bandar Lampung, but their branches have been existing di many region and cities around Indonesia such as in West Java, South Kalimantan, East Java, Bengkulu, South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi etc and their members always promoting the Rise of Khilafah Islamiyyah (Islamic Caliphate). According to the National Police Metro Jaya, Khilafatul Muslimin have 23 branches or daulah.
The figure of Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja had recorded involving in several terrorism and criminalism activities such as in the past. In 1979, he was jailed for three years for robbing a car carrying salaries of university staff to finance terrorism acts and in 1985, he was sentenced for 13 years for a series of terrorist acts including the bombings of Borobudur Buddhist Temple in Central Java Province, a seminary, a Catholic church and a passenger bus.
Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja has built Khilafatul Muslimin known as KM in 1997 after he was clashed with Abu Bakar Baasyir which was triggered by the different of them related to the future strategy of Jamaah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT). After that, Abdul Qadir Hasan Baraja has built Khilafatul Muslimin but both of JAT and KM have same purpose with Jl to building and implementing Islamic caliphate around the globe.

Why is Islamic Caliphate forbidden in Indonesia?
Same with other militant groups, the activity and maneuver of Khilafatul Muslimin has been promoting Islamic caliphate must be stopped and forbided because its could threat to national tenet or ideology in Indonesia, Pancasila. In many activities, Khilafatul Muslimin has been rejecting Pancasila, because Pancasila does not implement Islamic values and norms.
Through spreading hoax, hate-speech to other religion followers, ideological campaign, religious summons etc, Khilafatul Muslimin through their daulah or branches have launched seriously intention to challenge Pancasila and this country.
Khilafatul Muslimin, JAT, JAD, JI, JAK and other militant group including promoting Islamic caliphate are forbidden in Indonesia, because Indonesia has Pancasila which was guaranted secure relationship among religious followers, tribes and other groups to life peacefuly and to do their worship activities smoothly (Red).

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