Indonesia is Proud of The Surrender of OPM

Indonesia is Proud of The Surrender of OPM

A hundred of former Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Organisasi Papua Merdeka (TPN/OPM) who once wanted to separate Papua from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) finally pledged their loyalty to the republic. They come from various groups such as Tingginambut, Yambu, and Mewuluk. They declared their loyalty by giving their vow. The vow was read by Boni Telenggen after the celebration of Indonesian 71 years independence led by Regent of Puncak Jaya Hanock Ibo in Mulia.

In the vow, they extended their appreciation to the Government of Indonesia because now the Papuan can enjoy the development like other Indonesians. They also asked the other Papuans who still want to be free, like some of Tingginambut, Yambi and Mewuluk groups, to join RI government.

These former members of TPN/OPM also urged other groups to stop struggling for independence because Papua together with Indonesia have been independent for 71 years, it is now the time to work and for the children to study. In addition to the vow that they pledge their loyalty to NKRI, they also displayed a banner with “I am NKRI” writing on it while carrying the Red and White flag.

Regent of Puncak Jaya Hanock Ibo, after listening to the vow, said to reporters that the local government will do their best to assist TPN/OPM. Some of them are now having wood logs business by using chainsaw given by the local government. “Let us build Puncak Jaya together so that our people can all enjoy the fruit of development,” wished Regent Hanock Ibo.

Previously, 10 members of TPN/OPM surrendered to Papua Regional Police (Polda Papua). The followers of Goliath Tabuni said that they were tired of fighting with minimum results. “We sincerely want to be Indonesians. We were tired of fighting, we got nothing but misery,” said Terinus Enumbi who previously was the hand of Goliath Tabuni. He was platoon commander before.

Other than Terinus, there was Melodi Wonda who will also surrender. He was the attacking commander of Goliath Tabuni’s group. The 10 former OPM members who surrendered were Terianus Enumbi (Platoon Commander TPN/OPM Tingginambut), Yandu Enumbi (member), Telak Kogoya (member), Tendison Enumbi (member), Paindin Enumbi (member), Yalingga Enumbi (member), Berengup Enumbi (member), Kopinggup Enumbi (member), Lend Enumbi (member) and Tendiron Enumbi (member).

In March 2015, Goliath Tabuni and 23 of his followers also surrendered.  Goliath Tabuni was known as the commander of TPN-OPM based in Tingginambut Puncak Jaya, Papua. He was assigned to this position on 11 December 2012.

Do Not be Shy to Surrender

The step taken by TPN/OPM members to return back to the embrace of the motherland must be appreciated and should inspire remaining members of TPN/OPM who still think of independence to bury the impossible dream. This surrender reflects many things such as, first, the TPN/OPM members who surrendered believe that their struggle was wrong and would not be successful, especially since lately many traditional leaders in Papua demand that the disturbers in Papua to be executed even expelled from Papua. Second, the surrender step is rational because although TPN/OPM used guerrilla tactic, they are not the fair match of TNI and Polri. Third, it reflects that the TPN / OPM members realize that all this time they just became the victims of “those political adventurers” in Papua, who are not nationalist.

Fourth, members of the TPN / OPM are increasingly aware that development in Papua has far been growing rapidly, so that they will be at a loss if they continue to revolt and the future of their wives and children will be uncertain. Therefore, the step suggested that they who surrendered are the head of a family that loves their family. Fifth, with their surrender, the members of the TPN / OPM can participate in the development in Papua, especially since they have been promised that they will be assisted by the regional leader.

Sixth, as more members of the TPN / OPM had surrendered, the situation in Papua will be more secure so that it will be an attractive place to invest, especially because Papua has many potential to tempt investors into Papua. With investment inflow, more jobs will be created, unemployment will reduce, and the crime rate will also decrease. Seventh, members of the TPN / OPM who have not given up, do not be shy to surrender because it, in fact, shows their mature and good spiritual and emotional intelligence because they know that this is wrong and realize that they are simply duped by an illegal and not nationalist organization in Papua as well as understand that the integration of Papua into Indonesia is a blessing.

Therefore, all Indonesian people should be proud of the TPN / OPM who surrendered, because it is the most beautiful gift for Indonesian independence. Welcome back to the motherland.

*) Satya Dewangga is Papua issues and strategic affairs observer. Residing at Cikampek, West Java.

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