Lesson learnt after Indonesia went out from the 19 th Asian Games soccer match

Lesson learnt after Indonesia went out from the 19 th Asian Games soccer match

JI-Jakarta. Uzbekistan had succeed beat Indonesia 2-0 at 16th round at soccer match against Indonesia and make Uzbekistan go to 8th round.

Indonesia’s defeat had been previously predicted, because the performance of Indonesia’s soccer team under Indra Sjafri had been worst since defeated from Taiwan and North Korea at group matches.

Indonesia’s soccer team was went to Hangshou China with not bring best player. Most of the player were not intensively play at BRI Liga 1 and just only Rizki Ridho, Alfeandra Dewangga, Ernando Ari Sutaryadi, have enough performance at domestic competition. Because of that, it is make sense of Eggy Maulana Vikri and other players had failed to show their performance.

Indra Sjafri should be called Rahmat Arjuna (Bali United), Bagus Kahfi (Borneo FC), Ripal Wahyudi (Persebaya), Wahyu Prast (PSIS), M Khanafi (Persik), Altaballah (Dewa United) and other player who have enough time of playing at BRI Liga 1, but Indra Sjafri can not act anything because Asian Games does not FIFA calendar, so our national football team can not call Rafael Struick, Ivar Jenner, Elkan Baggot, Marcelino Ferdinand, Asnawi Mangkualam, Pratama Arhan and Saadil Ramdhani.

If Indonesia’s football team can go with Baggot tc, I think Indonesia will win against Taiwan, North Korea and also Uzbekistan. Last but not least, Indonesia’s team under Indra Sjafri is a substitution team not main national football team.

Lesson learnt which can we get are first, if our national team will go to international tournament so domestic competition must be stopped so coach can select and bring the best player. Secondly, if an international tournament is not FIFA’s calendar, we are not send team because it is a waste state budget (Red)

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