Can Indonesia beat Argentine?

Can Indonesia beat Argentine?

JI-Jakarta. After Indonesia’s national soccer had played draw against Palestine 0-0 in Surabaya, East Java eventhough in these moment, Indonesia was dominated the game, Shin Tae Yong’s squad will challenge World Cup Champion, Argentine in Jakarta on June 19th, 2023. Previously, Argentine was beated “The Socceros” Australia in Beijing, China 2-0.

On social media and others sources have confirmed that Argentine’s team under head coach Lionel Scaloni does not bring superstar Lionel Messi, Angel de Maria and Nicolas Otamendi on their June FIFA match against Indonesia.

Shin Tae Yong, Indonesia’s national soccer team head coach

This facts have some of meaning such as Messi does not have enough time to rilex after long League 1 competition with PSG and then Messi must go to USA to joint with Inter Miami FC on US’s soccer league. And may Argentine underestimate to Indonesia because the biggest differences gap on FIFA”s rank and score between Argentine and Indonesia.

But the main intention of Indonesia against Argentine according to Erick Thohir “s statement that we will build strong mental and tough fightingg spirit for our national team, because mental of players have dominated as main problems.

If Lionel Scaloni has tried their substition player against Indonesia its no problem for us, and this mean as the big chances for us to win or draw against Argentine.

Indonesia has good coach, STY and Indonesia has many players such as Jordi Amat, Elkan Tio Baggot, Shayne Pattinama, Asnawi Mangkualam, Marselino Ferdinan, Pratama Arhan, Rafael Struick, Ivar Jenner, Sandy Walsh etc and because of that Indonesia has opportunity to torn Emiliano Martinez’s goal to create over Argentine.

Whatever the final score Indonesia vs Argentine, we must respect to Erick Thohir with his huge network and he has good intention to make the best quality of our national team.

After this matchs, Erick Thohir must try to create the next FIFA matchday between our national team against Brazilia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc. Bravo Erick Thohir and bravo too our national team. Good luck (TE)

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