Farewell Fasting Month and Welcome Eid Mubarak 1444 H and its contex to global and national pious

Farewell Fasting Month and Welcome Eid Mubarak 1444 H and its contex to global and national pious

JI-Jakarta. Muslim community around the world had finished their one month fasting Ramadhan this year. They had practiced and testted their obey to God and his messenger prophet Muhammad SAW sunnah and his lesson. And for the end goals, Ramadhan’s fasting month will give to all of muslim community social pious and personel pious if they had succeed on their fasting month.

The next challenge after fasting month is how the muslim community are going to implement all of their good practise religious efforts during Ramadhan.

It is very full of highest humanity message and value because in the recent circuumstances in the global fora, many of imbalance actions have been taking and happening to muslim community around the world such as Israeli’s security brute forces has been torturing and catching Al Aqsa mosque prayers in Palestine.

In Myanmar, current regime has always pressed Rohingya muslim community eventhough the action of Myanmar’s regime full of human rights violence but there is not an equal sanction which can be given to Myanmar’s regime.

In many countries, muslim”s defender rights and values have been given stigmatization radicals group and they took criminalization related to against state ideology. Fasting month during Ramadhan actually want to be using all of muslim leaders around the globe have given their best performance, their best public policy and their best political and security action to protect muslim community existence and their ritual efforts to defend God orders. It can realize, we can see global pious can be created as the results of Ramadhan’s fasting month.

Meanwhile national pious of the results of Ramadhan’s fasting month is if every Islamic political party have had same intention to make Islam’s values more implemented after 2024 general elections. But it seems it is not an easy to make it happens because being admitted or not in the current national political situations, many of Islamic political party tends to they are very difficult to create the same political axis. However, there is still needs hardly efforts to implementation of national pious of Ramadhan’s fasting into Indonesia’s political climate and rivalry (Red)

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