Goodbye AFF throphy 2022

Goodbye AFF throphy 2022

JI-Jakarta. Will and obsession of Indonesia to reach AFF Mitshubishi Electric 2022 had been shrunk after yesterday Vietnam the Golden Stars had been defeated Indonesia’s football national team 2-0. All of the goals had been scored by Vietnamese striker Nguyun Tan Linh at minutes of 3 first half and minutes of 47 second half. Because of this, Shin Tae Yong had been failed again to give Indonesia international throphy since he was trained our soccer national team two years ago. Because of that, Indonesia Football Association (PSSI, red) must evaluate Shin Tae Yong and his colleagues performance.

Obviously, Shin Tae Yong had been made “good formation” with 4-2-3-1 strategy which he was ordered Jordi Amat and Mark Klok being defending midfield and Marselino Ferdinan as attacking midfielder, because Indonesia does not have good striker and good passer, Indonesia does not anything dangerously chance creating during the match. In other sides, Park Hang Seo as Vietnam’s head coach had been ordered his teams to full attacking in 15 minutes earlier at first and second half, because they knew that Indonesia’s players on this occassion did not on their good coordination and two goals of Vietnam had been scored at the moments.

Eventhough, Shin Tae Yong or STY had been made good formation but South Korea trainer did not chose right players to implement his tactics and strategies. Fachruddin Ariyanto, Asnawi Mangkualam, Saadil, and Dendy Sulistyawan did not performance on their best capabilities. Shin Tae Yong should be replaced them with Hansamu Yama, Syahrian Abimanyu, Ricky Kambuaya, and Ramadhan Sananta. If STY did that, the final results may be different.

The performace of our national team during AFF Mitshubishi Electric tournament this year under STY’s leadership does not make our happy and we must worry if their performance do not change, because on June 2023, Indonesia will performance at Asia Cup 2023. At this tournament, Indonesia will face strong countries such as Uzbektistan as the host of tournament, Suriah and Iraq. Three of Indonesia’s opponent have FIFA ranking more better than our national team. If against Vietnam and Thailand, our national team had been failed to defeat them, now we can analysist how big our chance to win if our national team will meet their at group match Asia Cup 2023.

If STY does not replace by PSSI, STY must choose good players to compete at those tournament. We will shame if our national team will slaughter by their opponent during the tournament. Players like Otavio Dutra (Persija) or Fabiano Beltrame (Persis Solo) can replace Fachruddin Ariyanto if Elkan Baggot and Sandy Walsh maybe forbidden by their club to pressence at Asia Cup 2023. Alta Ballah (Persebaya), Robi Darwis and Frets Butuan (Persib), Ricky Pratama and Muhammad Arfan (PSM Makassar), Frank Sokoy, Bagas Kaffa, Lutfi Kamal (Barito Putra), Donny Tri Pamungkas and Frengky Missa (Persija), Bagas Adi Nugroho and Arkhan Fikri (Arema FC), Ricky Fajrin, Ardi Idrus, and Fadil Sausu (Bali United), Riyatno Abiyoso (Persik Kediri), Alfeandra Dewangga, Ridho Syuhada, and Wahyu Prasetyo (PSIS Semarang), Putu Gede and Sani Rizki (Bhayangkara FC), Rabbani Tasnim (Borneo FC), Dimas Drajat (Persikabo), and Rangga Muslim (Dewa United) must be tried by STY in the next national team players selection.

Meanwhile, if Witan Sulaiman, Eggy Maulana Fikri, Asnama Mangkualam, and Saadil Ramdhani are just only as substitution players at their abroad clubs are not enough being involve at the next national team selections. Pratama Arhan (Tokyo Verdy FC) and Jordi Amat (JDT Malaysia) if their can maintain and upgrade their skills are potentialy to joint our national teams. (TE)

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