Anti government and separatist’s group propaganda in social media

Anti government and separatist’s group propaganda in social media

JI-Jakarta. Separatist group such as West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNOPM-PB) and its underbow not only doing arm rebellion, but they are consistening to do resistance with circulating and promoting negative narrative against Indonesia through social media and mass media. Besides them, anti government groups and pro caliph groups are continuing spread their negative propaganda which is aims to make gap, support and emotional relationship between government and their citizens.
There are many basic problems which will analysis in this assessment such as firstly, anti government groups, separatist group and pro caliph groups spreading their negative propaganda through social media and their internal media.
Secondly, social social is still popular tools to spred their negative propaganda against government, because media social user in Indonesia is more than 210 million people whith majority the groups which are criticizing government policy are 19 years old until 40 years old netizen or social media users.
Thirdly, opini making capability and countering negative propaganda against government from the government apparatus must be upgraded because they are using “old fashioned public communications” or analog public relations which aren’t suitable with public communications strategy at digital era, and this the weakness of government public communications has been criticized by President Joko Widodo.
The conclutions from this strategic assessment are former HTI (Indonesia Hizb Tahrir) or pro caliph groups are keeping their existancy with recruiting new preacher to spread caliph values to their close colleagues and throung social media, because social media is easy to get society, and because of that they can easily drag mass to joint with them and making public perception against national tenet or ideology, Pancasila and discrediting the government and its political system which aims to implementating “Islam norms and values” in Indonesia.
Meanwhile, provocative content spreading against Papua’s new authonomous districts, referendum demands and discrediting the current government has been done by TPNOPM-PB and their underbow which can trigger Papua’s independent aspiration having broad support from Papua’s people, because of that law enforcement process must be implemented to provocative content and hoax which are allegedly did by activist and underbow TPNOPM-PB through mass media and social media.

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