Food crisis and scarcity

Food crisis and scarcity

JI-Jakarta. The world is now faced with a chaotic situation, with potential for food, energy, and debt crisis due to soaring global inflation due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic that had caused a supply chain crisis. The Russo-Ukrainian War also makes the situation worse.

The world now has 345 million people in 82 countries suffering from severe food insecurity. He said that food and agriculture issues should be a priority for universities as he believes they must be able to respond to these problems and establish a supportive environment for the growth of creativity and innovation.

The regional grouping needs to have a funding mechanism that will allow the shipment of basic food staples like rice from one country to another in the event of a food scarcity problem in some parts of the region.

The development of domestically harvested commodities, such as chili, had helped to reduce the inflation rate in volatile food prices in August from 11 to 8 percent. Volatile prices in August experienced an inflation of 8.93 percent on an annual basis and a deflation of 2.9 percent on a monthly basis.

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