Political Spat Is Not A Good Political Education

Political Spat Is Not A Good Political Education

A few days ago, General Ret Djoko Santoso as the candidate of Prabowo Subianto’s success team was said that President Jokowi has exhausted as the national leader during his four year dedication to this country. As soon as, Santoso’s statement has been criticizing by several political whom comes from political party which have supported Jokowi’s presidential election camps such as PPP, PKB, PSI and PDIP. They have said Joko Santoso’s statement does not base on valid data.

Meanwhile, Fadli Zon had been commentated that Erick Thohir is elected as the chairman of Jokowi’s success team as “a force election” because Erick Thohir said Fadli Zon previously he does not intent to fulfill these position, but Thohir has taken “political force” to receive it. Directly, several politicial from Jokowi’s camps had been denied Fadli Zon’s statement.

As related with this issues, Ali Mochtar Ngabalin and other politician whom has come from both of two camps had always been made ” a controversies statement”. Those has been making the political situation during presidential electial in the coming year has heated. These condition has been made a complicated situation for President Jokowi and his cabinet during their efforts to overcome all of national economic hurdles, because uncertainty political situation can make foreign investors to delay their invest in Indonesia.

Besides of that, political spat and political skirmish during the preparation of presidential election is not a good education for our millenials generation whom can copy our political attitude and they won’t be respected again to the former or eldest generation.

Both of two camps have been agreed that they will be built positive and constructive political rivalry through dynamic communication each others and they have accoeded to share positive political spirit and positive political climate but until now the public have watched both of two camps did not obey to their pledges. Disgrace and disappoint. Both of two camps have realized that whatever they do today, it will be noted so built and bring safety and happily political condition. Do not share hate-speech, political rumors, uneducated statement, bigotry, negative campaign and other low political practices.

*) TW Deora, strategic issues observer. Living in Cirendeu, Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten Provinces.

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