Questioning Street Criminals in Indonesia

Questioning Street Criminals in Indonesia
AP9R0P A man snatching a young girls handbag POSED BY MODELS

Many of street criminals have always been happening in Indonesia such as robery, rape, motor cycle gang criminal, kidnapping etc. It was happening and occuring in several provinces and cities.

There some of reasons from the persons who have done street criminals such as upset, copying “cowboy lifestyle”, wrong esprit de corps spirit and un-controlled attitudes and emotion.

However, the rising of street criminals have been imaging that Indonesia’s situations has still vulnrable. Besides of that, street criminals have been shown that law enforcement must be more serious and rigid to address these problems.

Theoritically, if street criminals have been happened it is indicated that an economic suppres, social segregration, social conflicts and it might be shown that people distrust to obey law mechanism are rised and developed.

Finally, street criminals phenomenon in Indonesia must be solved, because if we are fail to overcome these problems could be made some of impacts such as politizing of these issues, decreasing of Indonesia’s trust to goverment, halting investment climates and rising uncertainty and scary situation in Indonesia.

Actually, street criminals have been challenging for law enforcement communities in Indonesia to tackle these problems as fast as they can do it. Hopefully.

*) MM Kautsar, The writer is strategic issues. Living in East Jakarta.

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