Ahok’s Supporters Maneuvers Can Raise-Up Uncertainty

Ahok’s Supporters Maneuvers Can Raise-Up Uncertainty

A group of people called themselves Indonesian Citizens in Solidarity are planning to hold a vigil night at the Mbah Priok memorial site in North Jakarta on Saturday. Nong Darol Mahmada, one of the initiators, said the vigil night would be called “Malam 1,000 Cahaya” (Night of 1,000 Lights) as an act of support for non-active Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, who was recently sentenced to two years in prison after being declared guilty of blasphemy.

Nong said the sentence was a miscarriage of justice in Indonesia and through the vigil night they would express their hopes that Ahok could get justice. “Ahok’s struggle is like a symbol of pluralism that was torn apart,” she said as quoted by kompas.com.

She said the group decided to hold the event at the memorial site because it represented an aspect of Islam that applied a rahmatan lil’ alamin (blessing for the universe), adding that the vigil would be held just outside the memorial grave area.

Meanwhile, the management of the Mbah Priok Memorial Site Foundation said that they would ask the event organizers to make sure that the vigil was not a symbol of solidarity for Ahok, but instead just an act of togetherness. “We will allow them to light up candles, but they need to be organized,” said Wahyu, the chairman of the foundation.

Raise-up Uncertainty

Being admitted or not, the effects of Ahok’s blasphemy case has been raising-up uncertainty situation especially on social communication and social cohesion among each other which doesn’t harmonious comparing before Ahok’s case.

Apparently, until now, Ahok’s supporters at all of level society doesn’t understand about Ahok’s verdict. So, they make several manuevers which describes they are loving to Ahok even we don’t know every event right now could be interpretated as a political manuevers because it has a special demands such as Ahok could get justice.

Actually, Ahok has been getting justice through his trial and Ahok’s and his lawyer had been followed all of the process of trial eventough Ahok and his lawyer has been appeal on his cases.

Is a mistaken idea if Ahok’s struggle is a like of pluralism that was torn apart, because a radical mass organizations didn’t torn a pluralism spirit if Ahok didn’t make his mistake on his statement in Kepulauan Seribu island. Perhaps, if Ahok didn’t make a political blunder like this, he will be win at Jakarta’s governor election just in fist round, because Ahok’s achievement had been surprised all of Jakarta’s resident and beyond.

After the end of Ahok’s trial, a national uncertainty situation doesn’t stop and always scrolling as a sensitive issues which can torn our national security situation and puncturing trust spirit among national stakeholders in Indonesia.

The rivalry between Ahok’s supporters and anti-Ahok groups have always been daily happening through all of mechanism including “war and propaganda at social media”, candle light night in several province in Indonesia and abroad versus countering to these event from anti-Ahok groups until “announcement for revolution standby” which massively distributed at social media recently, snarling about “Freedom Minahasa” in North Sulawesi and “Papua Freedom” in Papua until radical mass allegation related to theologian or uelema discrimination.

The series of events which happened after Ahok’s trial has been scrolling to make long-lasting uncertainty situation if these threat didn’t tackle by state apparatus and all of national stakeholders.

I think Ahok’s supporter maneuver and anti-Ahok’s group maneuver must be stopped because its could be trigerred an uncertainty situation which could be torned diversity, pluralism spirit and the cohession of Indonesian people.

Truely, if Ahok’s supporter or anti-Ahok’s group will continue to perform activities has been drawn their ignorance on diversity, pluralism spirit and the cohession of Indonesian people.

Because of that, is noble and excellent if Ahok’s supporter and anti-Ahok’s group together controlling their political libido or ambition. Only through that strategy, social reconciliation after Jakarta’s governor election could be implemented.

Since new regime era, we had been agree that such tribe-religion-races (SARA) issue as a sensitive issue which could be torned the integrity and the existance of Indonesia. Remembering that, being admitted or not, now we are snaring in the social tension after Ahok’s case and Jakarta’s governor election. Those situation can create “gap security” which can give a moment for radical groups or an intolerant groups has been launching their attack through a terror activities or hijacking democracy to torn the whole identity of Indonesia. If it is happening, it will be nightmare for all of people of Indonesia and we will wait the collapse of Indonesia. We pray together it doesn’t happen. Hopefully.

*) Bustaman al Rauf, a strategic issues observer at LSISI, Jakarta.

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