Counteracting Radicalism through the Strengthening of Pancasila and the Concept of Nationalism

Counteracting Radicalism through the Strengthening of Pancasila and the Concept of Nationalism

The biggest threat in Indonesia comes from within the country, especially related to acts of terrorism and radicalism. Radical is an ideology that wants to change rapidly carried out in a violent manner, while terrorism is an activity or an attack that aims to provide to the public fear. As for acts of terrorism can be done by, among others, bombing, killing sadistic, kidnapping, hostage-taking, to piracy.

According to one repentant terrorists already realized his mistake and is undergoing a de-radicalization program mentions that radicalism has two opposite sides of the side constructive and destructive side. Constructive side need to be maintained and enhanced, while the destructive side has to be transformed to the constructive side. Radical ideology is rooted and permanent within themselves adherents, and radicalism should not give birth to terrorism.

Radicalism destructive or damaging means an ideology rooted in its adherents with religious radicalism shaped characteristic or the emergence of some cult and ISIS. Destructive radicalism is characterized by ethnic / tribal such as the emergence of GAM in Aceh, Maluku RMS, GAP / OPM in Papua. Radicalism purely criminal immoral crime, drugs, violent crime etc. also are destructive, and radicalism is characterized by liberal by allowing everything. Radicals can also be characterized by several things, one of which is intolerance.

One organization that develops current and can be potentially become radical movements are HTI to inspire the emergence of conditions prone to frictions between Muslims. ISIS divisive ideology of the Homeland as opposed to the ideology of Pancasila.

Radicalism needs to beware because it can divisive Homeland and HTI is one part of radicalism which aims to establish a caliphate, and needs to be remembered by the people of Indonesia that HTI is not an Islamic organization that was born out of the area or a particular province in Indonesia, so that HTI is transnational flows that enter to Indonesia but come from Egypt and the country is now ruled General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi is also prohibited its development because its ideology is also endanger the security of Egypt. It is natural that later HTI movement in Indonesia has always collided with Pancasila, so that the voices of the people that the government immediately prohibit and disband HTI burst everywhere and needs to be responded to as soon as possible.

The threat of terrorism and understand radical apparently not going to stop any time soon, because the phenomenon of networking groups ISIS dominant targeted at groups of young age, therefore the dissemination and enlightenment on the dangers of the spread of the ideology of radical certainly his goal of becoming a follower of terrorist groups like ISIS etc.

Global jihad in Syria serve as recruitment and training – training to support the movement of terrorists and radicals and fight through ideology thinking in the name of jihad to defend the religion. Regeneration will never run out and will continue to be done by the terrorist network (ISIS) to realize its objectives, therefore the understanding and enlightenment teachings of the religion and peace to the younger generation, in order to menagkal and fortify themselves from the spread of the ideology of radical intensified, both directly or through social media.

The old pattern of terrorist recruitment in Indonesia was closed recruitment patterns, done behind closed doors through “baiat” and using the means of friendship, family ties and unlimited meetings.

New patterns in Indonesian terrorist recruitment is open recruitment patterns, performed indirectly or change the minds of people being radicalized and propaganda hoax news in online media as the ingredients. Many perpetrators of terrorism, self-contained single move independently without being tied to a particular group (the lone wolf).

Graham Jones (Psychologist Internet) says, aggressiveness and rudeness in cyberspace in part because anomalitas that loud without any immediate risk. Jhon Suller Martin, 2013: six things that change the behavior of Internet users are disassosiative anonymity (you do not know me); invisibility (you can not see); asynchronicity (affairs later); solipsistic introjection (all in the head, no one else); dissosiative imagination (not the real world, only a game) and minimalizing authority (no authority over, all equal).

A recent development is Mosul and Aleppo were battered by the US and its cronies in his interest. Besides the command leadership of ISIS for Jihadists to attack and commit acts of terror in their countries, each must be the excitement and anticipation for all of us and it merupkan the responsibility of us all good government, religious and community leaders as well as all elements of society in order to maintain security and stability and conduciveness region.

Strengthen Pancasila and Insights Nationality Radicalism basically want to change the order of this Indonesian nation with the religion of Islam which are contrary to Pancasila. The phenomenon lately generated a lot of provocation to ignite the anger of Muslims, when we realize it is generally very easy Muslims burned with emotion when religion has handled. At this time in the religion of Islam, it has been cracked with the various schools with the aim of pitting fellow Muslims.To strengthen the unity of this nation then it should do the following things do not look ethnic, national, religious, racial or other distinguishing between one person with another person; Uphold human rights and respect for human life as a human being; All matters which arose as a result of social interaction are discussed in nice and accommodating to a variety of thought; Provide an opportunity for others to do as he believed, with a sense of peace.As Muslims who uphold the values ​​of tolerance and Islam RahmatanlilAlamin can be demonstrated by our attitude and our behavior in society that respects and understands all the differences that exist so that unity and brotherhood Islamiyah can be realized for the benefit of the people and the progress of the Indonesian nation.The government’s efforts to combat the radicalization that is take action law firm and hard against the perpetrators; evaluate the spreader online media hoaxes, slander etc.: campaigning for the use of social media with good to the community; program an increase in literacy and education movement in the virtual world; networking synergies with activists in the virtual world to spread peace issues in online media.

*) Herdiansyah Rahman, the observer of de-radicalization and Medsos at the Institute of Strategic Information Studies Indonesia / LSISI, Jakarta.

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