ISIS and Islamic Radical Movement in Indonesia

ISIS and Islamic Radical Movement in Indonesia

The movement of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is quite intense recently. It also develops in some regions in Asia such as in the Philippines and Indonesia. The development of ISIS in both countries is supported by the existing Islamic radical groups in respective countries, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and Abu Sayyaf group in the Philippines and Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid led by Abu Bakar Baasyir, Mujahidin of Western Indonesia and Mujahidin of Eastern Indonesia led by Santoso, and Forum Aktivis Syariat Islam (Faksi) in Indonesia.

In general, those groups give their supports to the caliphate established by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. BIFF, for instance, showed its support to ISIS in social media by releasing a video on YouTube. In the video, BIFF’s leader was surrounded by some armed men reading its official statement to support ISIS. Another way is by gathering people or volunteers, done by Nasir, to be sent to Syria. The same things are done by the radical group in Poso.

In the development, ISIS’ supporters in Indonesia are not centralized in one area but spreading in Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Solo, and other locations. ISIS even might have reached Aceh, indicated by the unification of Fachrudin alias Din Robot Group. This shows that ISIS’ influence in Indonesia is getting wider especially considering that this group can effectively utilize social media to spread its influence.

ISIS and Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is a movement that support a crime or violence (terrorism) by supporting its ideology, movement, or certain groups, being done solo in which the perpetrator has no affiliation with any organization or structure. In other words, the lone wolf is an individual sympathizer who execute his/her actions alone by his/her own initiative without any command from any group. In their actions, the lone wolves are still considered ineffective compared to the more organized groups, yet they cannot be underestimated. Furthermore, the people should, instead, be more aware and have more understanding on the danger of free information spread through the internet meaning that tighter monitoring on cyber world is required.

In its development, however, Lone Wolf seems like just another ISIS network who is being recruited and indoctrinated by ISIS through social media. The actions of lone wolves have happened in some locations such as the truck crash towards the crowd during the “Bastille Day” celebration.

Considering this dynamic, we can assess how big the threat posed by ISIS is through the terrorist movement in Indonesia that directly has disturbed the comfort and the security of the people. Some actions like what happened in Mapolresta Surakarta prior to this year Eid celebration showed that the indoctrination via internet has been used optimally.

The Threat of ISIS in Indonesia

Basically, the goal of ISIS is to establish an Islamic caliphate, which is not in accordance with the goal set by the Indonesian founding fathers. Indonesia is a plural country adhering to a principle of Bhineka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity). Thus, it is clear that the most suitable ideology to represent the pluralism is the Pancasila that will forever be the foundation of NKRI.

The development of ISIS in Indonesia indirectly exploits and involves the existence of rightist radical groups so that it can use the groups’ network to execute its missions.

However, the Muslim in Indonesia is not violent but very friendly with high tolerance in the society. In contrast, ISIS, looking at its history, was established during various conflicts in its origin country. Therefore, the value of ISIS is indeed in contrast with the value of the Muslim in Indonesia especially considering the fact that since ISIS’ ideology came to some regions in Indonesia, it only messed up the situation like in Poso. Currently, there are some indications suggesting that ISIS is playing its maneuver in Aceh aiming to establish a Khilafah Islamiyah in NAD. We cannot let this happen because it is merely the way of ISIS to show its existence to the World.

Responding to this, naturally we must reject ISIS’ ideology in NKRI because it only creates problems and disturbs the stability of state security. The general goal of this organization is only spreading fear so that people will follow them. Yet, they will not succeed in Indonesia because Indonesians are not afraid, instead we will firmly reject and fight this movement. ISIS’ movement is totally not in accordance with Pancasila that become the symbol and the ideology of NKRI.

*) Almira Fadillah, A Graduate Student of Gunadharma University in Jakarta

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