A Soft Power Approach as Civilized Conflict Resolution

A Soft Power Approach as Civilized Conflict Resolution

The President of Acehnese Society in Malaysia, Hajj Mansur Usman has appreciated on peace approach or soft approach which be done by State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Chief, Sutiyoso to Din Minimi’s group.

“The approach which be done by State Intelligence Agency Chief has right because it will appear positive image on the effort of security apparatus of Indonesia which using persuasive ways to solve Din Minimi’s problem,” Hajj Mansur Usman said at Perdana Felda Council Building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, two weeks ago.

Hajj Mansur Usman has opinion that the actions of Din Minimi and his groups doesn’t rebellion action to Indonesian government, but it ones is triggered by his disappointed with the policy of former combatant Aceh Freedom Movement (GAM, red) who is governed Aceh as public leader’s such as governor, vice governor, majors etc tend to has attention just for their groups.

I think the appreciation from Acehnese Society Group’s in Malaysia has been proved that soft power approach which be done by BIN chief, Sutiyoso or known as “Brother Yos” to solve the renegade group’s Din Minimi in Aceh could be implemented to solve separatist group’s in Papua and West Papua. Many stakeholders have opinion that soft approach as civilized conflict resolution could be done along with political and cultural development approach.

The successful of BIN to make soft approach on Din Minimi’s case and the appreciation from Acehnese communities in Malaysia could promote as soft power diplomacy to some of countries in Pasific regions which supported Papua Freedom Organization to show them that soft approach which be done by Indonesian government is effectively to solve conflict so that it ones could be inspired another countries to do same thing to solve internal conflict in their countries.

The successful of BIN to make soft approach on Din Minimi’s case could be lesson learned which might be implemented to Papua Freedom Organization figure’s in Papua and in Australia, Netherland, Germany, England etc. Eventhough, it efforts could have some of challenge such as Papua Freedom Organization (OPM, red) isn’t like GAM organization because OPM’s doesn’t has a central leader so that everyone in OPM might be claimed as OPM’s leader.

Meanwhile, Papua’s case is more serious than Aceh’s case because Papua’s case not only as a political and economy conflict, but Papua’s problem is also including identity differences because OPM always make hard and soft propaganda that Papua’s people identity is different with another tribes in Indonesia. Besides that, OPM is always supported by a foreign NGO which campaign human rights violation in Papua because a foreign NGO has a purpose to intervened separatist issue in Aceh and Papua for their politic and economically benefit.

A soft power approach is a civilized and modernized conflict resolution, because it approach is implemented with using local wisdom, local values, ethics, method and tender approach to make conflict interest might be decreased. To using a soft power approach, it should be done by a patient or indulgent from the central and local government to handle and to make a right decision, because the lack of attention from the central government on Papua’s problem might be politized by pressure groups and interest groups in Papua or outside Papua to make vulnerability in Papua and West Papua.

BIN’s challenge are to make mapping of core problem, central figure in these problem, to make safeguard on OPM’s member who will return to NKRI and to maintain positive policy which be done in Papua and West Papua before such as the central government give a special autonomy to Papua although it is allegedly many special autonomy funds are misused for the benefit of rogue elements who “play ” in Papua’s case.

The government of Indonesia in Jakarta has allocated enough big budget to develop Papua through special system called Special Autonomy. However it indicates only very small percentage could be absorbed successfully, because of security situation. The local leader like Henock Ibo are needed in order to convince all the Papuan who are still in the jungle to fight for the freedom of Papua to be conscious realizing  that the struggle through rebellion has  to be ended and joining the Government of The Republic of Indonesia to develop Papua properly started.

The Government is strong enough to maintain Papua as a part of the Free Indonesian territory and seriously to develop this territory perfectly as a part of the National Development of the whole Indonesia.

The government apparatus including BIN’s apparatus must convincingly the people of Papua and West Papua that the issue  of  the freedom of Papua  actually no more existing. Papua has been established as two advanced Provinces in the most eastern part of Indonesia, namely the Province of West Papua and the Province of Papua. Under the special autonomous Program those two Provinces of Papua have developed tremendously.

The people of Papua also realize that the chance of Beny Wenda to live in London is believed to be  based more  on humanism consideration of the British government  rather than  to support  Beny Wenda interest.   The British government  officially  recognizes  Papua as a part of Indonesia.

Finally, a soft approach is a correct approach to solve Papua and West Papua cases, eventhough it must be patient to implement it. So, let’s try together. We must close Papua and West Papua problems with a proper policy.

*) Nunun Wahyuni is a mass communication observer. Interested on Papua and Aceh issue. Residing di Bandar Lampung.

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