Burning Al Qur’an : The Fact of Islamophobia

Burning Al Qur’an : The Fact of Islamophobia

JI-Jakarta. Several times an intolerant politician, Rasmus Paludan from Swedia had burnt holy Al Qur’an. Those an idiot acts has been triggering many responses around the world including in Indonesia.

However, Rasmudan’s arrogant action had shown that the fact of Islamophobia or hatters of Muslim has been developing in many countries mainly in those Muslim community as a minority community such as in Sweden, Myanmar, Nederland, Israel, France and others which is patadoxcally because those are democracy defender and sympharizers.

Rasmus Paludan-Foto diambil dari Wikipedia

Rasmus Paludan is a really example from stupid politician who wants to get his pragmatically political and economic aims has been used anything efforts to achieve it even though his action had made muslim communities against him and they are going to pray Rasmus Paludan wll be targeted by millitant groups to kill him. Ameen YRA.

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