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By : Toni Sudibyo *)

A powerful blast ripped through a medical facility outside Bagram Air Base, the largest US military installation in Afghanistan, killing one civilian and wounding dozens more on December 11 th, 2019.

The attack took place north of Kabul, just outside Bagram, and targeted an under-construction medical base being built for civilians, according to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.

A local woman was killed by the blast, TOLOnews said, citing officials. There were different reports on how many civilians were injured. The latest estimate is 62 wounded. There were no US or their coalition casualties.

Several security and an international issues observers have said that those attacks had been shown as unaccurate attacks cell terror groups in Afghanistan.

Besides that, the failure of those attacks to make seriously cassualties to US and coalitions military personell, because its had sporadically done and did not base on sophistivicated plan, because cell terror in Afghanistan might not be had previously valid information related to target.

Those impacts is terror groups in Afghanistan may be blamed and scrutinized by Afghan”s people and its may raise deviance and common angry including reveange from the victims’s relatives and colleagues. Because that, terror recruiters in Afghanistan will difficult to recruit “the next suicides bomber”.

Those attacks has indicated that South Asian regions has still be targeted or “war zone” in the trends of global terrorism maneuvre.

*) The writer had earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia.

Disclaimer: Every opinion in this media is the responsibility of the writer. If there are parties who object or feel aggrieved with this article, according to the press rules, that party can give the right of reply to the author of Opinion and the Editor will publish the article in a balanced manner.

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