The Effects of General Election Rigge: Threatening Nation Unity and Triggering Social Riots

The Effects of General Election Rigge: Threatening Nation Unity and Triggering Social Riots
Pesta Demokrasi Pilpres 2019

Actually, in every political competition even on village chief election until presidential election, every contestant will use several strategies to win it but people will see who are the participant which will use high politics way or low politics way. One of an example of low politics way is a rigge, violence and an intimidation. The type of its was allegedly did during 2019 general election in Indonesia.

Several terrific and scary facts have been done during those events such as at least more than 550 election officers were died around Indonesia and more than 3.000 others have been injured or ill (data until on 6 May, 2019).

Besides that, the witness of Prabowo’s camp had been headed because the victims might be knewn about rigge process. And the important is the counting votes system at KPU/the General Election Commission has been made the chain of error which give political benefit to Jokowi’s camp.

Simultaneous and concurrent general election rigge have created and designed and its phenomenon has been seen and understood by several pundits, academia, activist, uelama, journalist and foreign observer must be stopped, because its always be happen, its could born “political psychopath situation”. Several foreign mass media such as Strait Times and Bloomberg had been released those rigge and Indonesia’s situation under secrutinizing foreign communities.

Politically and strategically, simultaneous general election rigge, violence and an intimidation will bring Indonesia to the seriously and dangerously uncertainty situation and its could threat national unity and trigger social riots. The seeds of its have been fulfilled around Indonesia because many of strategic issues have been developing during general election such China’s workers issues, the awakening of communist group issues which had shown by Anarcho sydicalism riots during Mayday events in Bandung, the failure and unbenefit infrastructure projects issue, corruption by high ranks government officers who had been caught by KPK/the Corruption Eradicating Commission, Shite vs Sunni issues, land reform issues and last but not least separatist and radicalism issues.

Rumorsly, until on May 9, the situation will predict going to the worst path. Starts from on May 7, the series of mass rallies will be held at KPU and Bawaslu’s office neither in Jakarta nor in several provinces around Indonesia. Their main demand is stop the KPU’s counting votes system and persisting Bawaslu to make political decision to discualified Jokowi’s candidancy.

Meanwhile, Jokowi’s supporters will ready to “fight” against people power mass. The TNI and the National Police have been stood on “crossroads dillemma” because both of camps who are head to head are Indonesian people. TNI and Police have been taken sworn to protect people and did not want to make human rights violation.

Finally, the faith of the end of general election from first time since independence day can be predicted, it will be meddled by international communities because we can not solve political stalemate which were created by greedy attitude and implementing Machiavelism strategies to get political gain and win. Rush money and uncertainty situation have been already ready in front of our national door. Be carefull.

*) Pramitha Prameswari,  political analyst in Central Java

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