The Murder of Khasoggi, Who Must Be Blamed?

The Murder of Khasoggi, Who Must Be Blamed?

The Washington Post columnist, Jamal Kashoggi had been killed at Saudi Arabia Consulat Office in Ankara, Turkey when he was made his wedding approval letter. Jamal Kashogi was passed away and these case is predicted a complex matters and the way of Kashogi’s dead is not a normal, because its was circulated that Kashogi was mutilated.

The US President, Donald Trump has said his government will wait Turkey’s investigation result on Kashogi’s case because previously Trump did not happy on the first one reports. Meantime, several countries such as tar United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and the United Nations had made statement on the urgency of an independent investigation on Kashogi’s case.

Several an international issues pundits have predicted that Kashogi had been killed by security and an intelligent apparatus at Saudi Arabia’s consulat office in Ankara which was previously denied by Saudi’s government then they had changed their statement on violence case due to global intervention including Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical foe such as Turkey, Suriah and Iran.

There are several assumption on those case such as firstly, I think Kashoggi had had a crucial information about Saudi Arabia actually about Prince Salman. Because of that, he was killed. Kashogi’s information could have changed Saudi Arabia’s influence in Middle East.
Secondly, Saudi’s officers are very careless, how they do “secret operation” with too careless and rude, even carried out those on in a country that has an unfavorable relationship with Saudi Arabia.
Thirdly, if the above assumption is right, its mean that the perpetrators have not enough skill of trade craft and CI or in other way they aren’t proffessional officers.
Fourthly, We can make analogy from these case “Changing the message through killing the messanger”. So, Kashogi had had crucial information which was made unhappy to prince. What is it? Lets Turkey’s investigation and an independent investigation have been answered those questions and we are supposely wait and see. Hopefully.

*) Toni Ervianto, earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI).

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