Terrorism Threat Still Exist

Terrorism Threat Still Exist

Today, Seventeen years ago, double terrorist plot attacks had shocked the world and especially it had punched two strategic building symbols were World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon. Those attacks had made at least 3.000 people were dead and more of them else were injured. Its had make George W Bush, the US president was angry and one day after the deadly attacked had been announced “war on terror”. Many countries were joined with the US to launch their reveange to terrorist groups mostly of them were militant moslem groups.

Until now, the US efforts to defeat terrorist in many countries neither success nor fail, because terrorism threat and attacks still exist and could occur whereever and whenever and mostly its could’nt detect by an intelligence apparatus and terror cell budding have been spreaded in many countries including Indonesia.

We can say and count it, if many of terror groups have been existed eventhough their pioneer, Usamah ben Laden was killed by the US marines attacks. Now they have new global leader. He is Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

In Syria and Middle East, Islamic State and Ikhwanul Muslimin have been existed in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Egypt and other countries. In Central Asia, islamic State has been growing in several countries such as Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan etc. In Africa, we are know that Boko Haram has been existed. Many countries such as Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan etc have always been fought against them. In Europe such as France, Germany, Netherland, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Italy etc, terror cells have been seen as “security spectre”. They can launch their attacks suddenly and its can abraupt anything else. In South East Asia, terror cells which have been made their pledges or Baiat to Baghdadi such as Abu Sayyaf and ISIS and JAD have been existed in Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Terror groups including lone-wolf have their reason to maintain their spiriit and their global reveange to respond the US programe which called as “war on terror”. Because of that, terror threat still exist until now and it will be taken for along time to erase and if global imbalance has still occur, it will be terror seeds around the world to grow and spread their influences.

*) Wildan Nasution,  global strategic observer. Living in Jakarta.

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