Jokowi’s Unfullfiled Promises, is it True?

Jokowi’s Unfullfiled Promises, is it True?

Jokowi’s camps has said “Independent Observer” a weekly newspaper has been circulating propaganda and agitation against Jokowi’s camps with their headlines titled “New Hope vs Unfullfiled Promises” and their newest is title “Democracy under harrasment”.

During the latest presidential race, we knew about related these issues, it was weekly newspaper “Obor Rakyat or People Torch” which had been produced by Prabowo’s supporters. Finally, chief of editor Obor Rakyat had been detained after president election had successfully been done in 2014.

I think both of two camps have need newspaper covering to build possitive images and to win “the heart and mind” of the voters, but using political propaganda through newspaper has been counter productive because at “the edge of information era” right now, people can use another news sources to make sure that those news is true or just fake news or hoax.

I think almost all of Jokowi’s promise which he had spoken during the latest presidential election in 2014, it has been completed respectively, so never Jokowi’s promises left behind.

Talking about the target of an economic growth which did not reach 7 percent as Jokowi’s promises, i think all of national business stakeholders, conglomerate and small and medium enterprises have been understood that it is not Jokowi’s fail because its could be happened because global economic turbulence and unfinished trade war effects. Actually, Jokowi’s administration have been anticipating all of these, and as the result of Jokowi’s administration effort is our national economic growth has been raised 5.4 percent respectively and its more higher than global economic growth until now.

Talking about Indonesia’s foreign debt, I think the government has been managing its with prudent and using its to spark, to expedite and to grow national economic and the easy doing business climate in Indonesia including to build several an infrastructure programme. Until now, at least 34 national strategic projects have completely been finished by the goverment in several provinces in Indonesia.

Talking about past time human rights abuse solution, I think Jokowi’s administration stance to prudent and carefull to tackle those problems is rights. The government may see those problems are intensify politicized by vested interest groups to shake our national harmony. Jokowi may agree to solve all of this problems through reconciliation process and its had been rejecting by the vested interest groups. So, it was not Jokowi’s administration fail to solve that, but those problems have been politicized by whoever indeed during political year right now.

*) Erlangga Pratama, national strategic issue observer. Living in East Jakarta

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