Asian Games and President Elections

Asian Games and President Elections

“Amazing, Awesome and Outstanding”, its flesh of words which can describe the struggle of all of our athletes at 18th Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatera Indonesia which will be slated to end on Sunday, September 2nd, 2018.

Previously, President Joko Widodo known as Jokowi had targeted, our delegation would be gotten 16 gold medals and stayed at 10th ranking, but upon God’s bless and God’s almaighty, Indonesia’s athletes contingent has seriously been fought and gotten 31 gold medals and Indonesia is stayed at 4th ranking. This position has made our national pride raising. Through sports, we can make all of the world must see and copy our ways.

During Asian Games, Indonesia has made several possitive outcome such as in the first time, North Korea and South Korea contingent had been joined together, at Pencak Silat martial art, between Jokowi and his rival at the next Presidential election had met and their huge each other with Pencak Silat athletes whom had gold medals, either terror attacks or street criminals did not happen during Asian Games which could describe about the capacity of TNI, Polri and BIN to make sure the safety of Asian Games event, and Asian Games has been promoted Indonesia’s culture, our hospitality and our friendship spirit to all of athletes who came from 45 countries in Asia.

During these event, Indonesian people have been supported and united for our glory. Indonesian people have been stranding at all of venue where Indonesia’s athletes have been fighting for their country to get gold medals. They are always chanting and singing national song and another song which can give support to our team. When Indonesia’s national soccer team had been defeated by Arab United Emirate through penalty shot-out, our supporters had been supported and saluted for their national teams, because they knew that our lost from UAE was triggered by uncompetent leadership from Australian referee, Shaun Robert Edwards. However, Asian Games has abled to unite us and its outcome is our prestigious ranking at the largest Asia’s sport event. Asian Games has teached us about the urgency of national unity and national pride to reach our dream and our marvelous target.

Several months coming, we will do our democracy tradition, general elections including the president election. As the successful of Asian Games, we want to success too at the next general election.

Because of that, we must keep the possitive spirit and values of Asian Games such as friendship, honorship, egaliter and sportive attitude which can deliver to both of camps which will compete at the next president election.

As civilized nation and educated people, we are expect and hope all of stages of general election could be run smoothly and peacefully. We are not allow and we are not follow who will be spreaded or circulated hate speech, bigotry, hoax, negative campaign and other barbaric political strategies to win the election. We do not want these event will be endangered and disturbed our national cohession. Both of camps will be more elegant if they will promote their work plan and deliver possitive hope to our voters. We must deny propaganda, agitation and using other “low politics practices”. We must reject the caliphate supporters and other radicals non-state actor to meddle our general election. We are agree to uphold and to choice Pancasila as our national ideology and closing “our eyes, mind and heart” to other transnational ideology. Hopefully. God’s bless for us.

*) Toni Ervianto,  had earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia.

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