The Controversy of Uelama List

The Controversy of Uelama List

The Religious Affairs Ministry had released 200 name of uelama or religious teacher which could be invited by the people if they want to make religious gathering (pengajian).

However, some of social issues observer including uelama whose name has in list already not happy with the list such as Didin Hafiduddin dan Dahnil Azhar. They have an argument if the list should cancel. Meanwhile, one of 212 Presidium Alumni Idrus Alfanshuri Sambo had said the list could be made unharmony relations between the uelama and he is believe in the list does not convince to the people to obey it.

Through these list, some pundits have said the goverment has an intention to separate the uelama who have been supported and the uelama who have not been wanted to support the government. A credible and the rising uelama such as Ustadz Abdul somad did not in the list for example with other uelama who have been joined with 212 maneuvre.

Politically, those list has potentially be politicized by the government opponent groups that Jokowi’s administration did not have a good relations with the muslims community. Extremly, the political opponent could say that the list is the efforts of government through the Religious Affairs Ministry want to devide the power of muslim community in Indonesia. Obviously, Minister of Religious Affairs, lukman Hakim Saifuddin had said the LGBT community must be protected by the government.

Finally, the list of uelama should be abondened or canceled because its could make Jokowi’s political electoral can significantly decrease, so that with another word is the list seems look as “a political trap” for Jokowi himself.

*) Amril Jambak,  journalist in Pekanbaru, Riau

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