Who Will Take Benefit over The Recent Attacks US and Allies in Syria?

Who Will Take Benefit over The Recent Attacks US and Allies in Syria?

At least from credible sources, US, British and France attacks in Syria on Saturday morning had bombardmented 110 missiles which total amount Rp 2,75 billion and killed thousand innocent people’s in Douma and East Ghouta, both of Syria’s territory which occupaid by a terrorist groups.

The US and their allies have reason that their attacks was responded on Syria’s loyal military to Baashar al Ashad which attacked Douma and East Ghouta with using allegedly chemical weapons.

However, the recent attacks from US, France and British did not have authority from the United Nations, so those attack had been called as illegally attacks and a part of international genocide and war crimes. But, either any countries or the United Nations itself could be stopped the US intention? If any countries have brave spirit to challenge the US intention might only be Russia, Iran and China.

Basically, Syria’s crisis is unfineshed “Arab Spring programme” which was designed to play through proxy-war method. Arab Spring would success in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia and Iraq, but in Iran and Syria, those plans did not run well. Because Iranian government and Syrian goverment have still take political, diplomacy and military support from Russia. Meanwhile, China does not happy if middle east insecurity couldn’t be stopped, because from China perspective, the uncertainty of Middle East could be abraupted and collapsed China’s future investment at “silk road”.

Who will take benefit over Syria’s crisis recently? First and all is the US and their allies because it might be given them a lot of change to sell their military equipment and the US, British and France have been hegemonizing the world and their sent strong threat to Russia with strong message “do not involve and intervere Syria’s crisis or they want to make war with the US and their allies”.

Secondly, Israel will take those benefit if their main rival on those regions such as Iran can be conquerred by the US and their allies. Because other main rival of Israel, Saudi Arabia has been conditioned by Netanyahu.

*) Toni Ervianto is a political and business consultant. Earned his master degrees at the University of Indonesia (UI). Previously, he had earned his political bachelor degrees at the University of Jember (Unej), East Java, Indonesia.

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