Refusing Pancasila Abuse in Simultaneous Local Election

Refusing Pancasila Abuse in Simultaneous Local Election

There is no doubt that Pancasila, as the ideology of Indonesia, has the full power of empowering the unity in diversity from Sabang to Merauke. For most of Indonesian people, believing five-points of Pancasila as the basic principles of Indonesia’s nation-state, is totally final, consisting of belief in the one and only God, just and civilized humanity, the unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives, and social justice for the whole of the people of Indonesia. To absorb comprehensively all the concepts above, Indonesia’s education system, from primary to secondary school, then next to university, includes the completely principled values of Pancasila in curriculum in a long time, previously well known as Citizen and Pancasila Subject (PPKN), then modified to Citizen Education Subject (PKN). “This program, is aimed to form students the personality and character building, which are fundamental efforts from school and teacher to student”, said the former of education minister, Muh Nuh. It means all the Indonesian people who had ever experienced in formal education before, must absorb perfectively values of Pancasila, to be better citizen. But, unfortunately, meeting with momentous politic in democracy era becomes the big challenge for Pancasila’s ideology, due to indicate the existence of Pancasila abuse conducted by some politician.

With an instance of the case, in more days ago, Muslimin Bando, as incumbent of Enrekang regency as well as one of the participants against blank box in simultaneous local election in 2018, that said, “whoever someone will vote blank box as their choice is no Pancasila” – “tidak pancasilaist in Bahasa”. Inevitably, there has been as one of the hot contentious subjects amidst societies on the words. Many of people in such Enrekang people have condemned the statement because of the stark contrast with democracy values, even if it is connected to the basic principles of Pancasila. In order to come a slight doubt about the understanding of Pancasila principles from Muslimin Bando as one of the local leaders in the province of South-Celebes. His statement is extremely unfortunate, because he is not only as a leader, but also as teacher before being politician. By consideration of this, if a leader understands comprehensively the essential meaning of Pancasila as Indonesia’s ideology in particular of pollical world, he or she must keep to benefit words wisely in responding an opposite movement. Thus, they not only must memorize it, but also do more and more to run up Pancasila values in their societies, with not to abuse Pancasila as the fulfilment of individual and group interest.

Further explanation to the case, hence, in common knowledge, Pancasila and democracy ties are undeniable sides, in which Pancasila is the profound foundation of Indonesian people in the way of nation, state and society life, then linked to democracy – a piece of Pancasila principles”. It means the values of democracy must espouse to spread and flourish the fundamental massages of Pancasila. Moreover, a leader is one of the great instruments to internalize and externalize Pancasila values while running up their personal life and responsibilities as the government in democracy system. By a big expectation, the comprehensive-implemented Pancasila in all the lives is an inevitable hope to carry out the quality of Indonesian life. Therefore, based on the belief above, Indonesian people and stakeholders have to play the utmost role of implementing Pancasila in all the fields especially in political arena. Because of the momentous political chain from 2018 to 2019, the first one is simultaneous local election in 2018, and then the second one is continued in legislative and finally next to president election in 2019. In facing the democracy party, adhering the principles of Pancasila may be avoided by candidates to win the battle of election.

Yet, it is more interesting to note that, how to anticipate anything severe potential obstacles in holding elections, in order to shape the political atmospheres more stable and more peace. The best way is that learning mis-interpretation of Pancasila and reflecting Pancasila abuse are a must, particularly for a leader at the time. In since time immemorial, as well as I am concerned to interpret five-points of Pancasila, it has taught Indonesian people to totally love liberty, equality, and fraternity in Indonesia life in diversity – “all in one, one in all”. At the moment, prioritizing to introduce and to implement the term of liberty and equality have to pay most attention for experiencing the stability of the election. It means the liberty encourages freedom inside people individually as political human, or having political rights. If candidates and their teams do strive to pressure voters or to use the hatred and state symbol as political tools, they would completely have ruined the power of Pancasila and democracy, essentially. That is absolutely opposite with political rights owned by each people as being independent human. “Independent could be reflected on the emancipated goals to separate people from injustice such as all of the discriminated forms and limited right, (Yudi Latif, Negara Paripurna: 384). This notion is fundamental parts of Pancasila’s basic principles, and how Pancasila go hand in hand with democracy demand.

With mentioned-above points, using massively the role of UKP-PIP (Pancasila Ideology Coaching Unit), had in the middle of the year 2017 been established under Joko Widodo’s administrative to maintaining state ideology. The agency, that is led by Yudi Latif, is to re-empower several functions consisting of formulating the general policy of Pancasila ideology coaching, forming the main lines of Pancasila’s ideology and making the roadmap of Pancasila ideology coaching. In addition to this, UKP-PIP is also functioned to supporting, evaluating, and proposing strategic steps for running up Pancasila ideology coaching as well as conducting the interrelation and cooperation amongst institutions in Pancasila ideology coaching. By the establishment of UKP-PIP, therefore, the widespread impacts amidst Indonesian societies, in particular of the leaders, could be run un effectively. It could be clearly seen, if candidates, in simultaneous local election, take the essential part, not only to introduce the principles of Pancasila, but also to implement it to gain the triumph, in election process either pre or post voting. Therefore, with strongly belief, pondering with the comprehensive meaning of Pancasila and encouraging the Indonesian people to implement it, are very indispensable aspects to resolve on both dispute and chaos may be potentially existing in democracy party.

*) Muh Jusrianto, Alumnus of International Relation Program from University of Muhammadiyah Malang

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