Foreign Terrorists Still At Large On Mindanao, The Phillipines

Foreign Terrorists Still At Large On Mindanao, The Phillipines

According to the data of Intelligence of the Armed Forces of the Phillipines, close to 50 foreign terrorists, almost half of them Indonesian, are currently operating on the island of Mindanao. Some 48 foreign terrorists are actively participating in the training of new terrorists recruits in the region.

In November 2017, 15 terrorists from Indonesia and Malaysia entered Mindanao to assist a group in Saranggani inspired by the Islamic State movement, while 16 Indonesians terrorists also entered the region to provide assistance and training to the Abu Sayyaf group in Basilan and the Maute group in Lanao del Sur. This month, the Phillipines’s authorities has claimed that an Egyptian national was also monitored to have entered the southern Phillipines.

According to Maj. Gen. Fernando Trinidad, deputy chief pf staff for intelligence of the Armed Forces of the Phillipines, while the fighting has reduced the membership of the local terrorists groups, the remaining members intensified their recruitment, which again increased their associates to almost 400. The recruits are undergoing training on marksmanship, urban attacks, and use of improvised explosives.

With the deaths of Isnilon Hapilon and the Maute brothers, new leaders have emerged, including a founder of Khalifa Islamiya, an
Indonesia-based Filipino terrorists from Syria, who was even featured in a video entitled Solid Edifice, in which he was shown to have beheaded an Arab national.

However, the successful terrorists groups recruitment in Basilan, Saranggani and Lanao del Sur, the Phillipines have been shown that the struggle and the efforts to eradicate and to fight against terrorists groups did not end and its could be escalated.

A new leader of terrorits groups who has name as Khalifa Islamiya, an Indonesia-based Filipino terrorists from Syria has also been
shown that Indonesian gave big trust from terrorists groups to lead them. Its was indicated that both the Phillipines and Indonesia have became their “safe heaven countries away from home” for foreign terrorists from others countries around the world.

According to a terror observer, Hendrijanto Ikhbal has said that the threat of terrorists groups leader in the Phillipines to be
beheaded an Arab national, its could be predicted by the anger of a terrorists groups on the change of Saudi Arabia’s foreign policies which had been judged with an international terror groups under affliation with IS, is to close with the United States and Israel, which could be threatened the existance of cultural, religious teachings and norms of Islam in the future, especially in Saudi Arabia.

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