Eight Points Of Critique Against General Gatot Nurmantyo Raised By Kontras

Eight  Points  Of  Critique  Against  General Gatot  Nurmantyo  Raised  By  Kontras

General Gatot Nurmantyo Commander in Chief of TNI is looked likely popular  among various social community included the University and mass organization included religious organization. His popularity had been likely recognized  since he was the Chief of Staff of the Army.

Incidentally he had been also watched by a humanitarian organization mainly KONTRAS (The Commission on The Missing Persons and The Victims of Violence) from  political point of view. Apparently KONTRAS has been making record that General Gatot Nurmantyo as Commander in Chief of TNI  to have made courageous views on the political  situation  faced by this country. Within one year since the commemoration of the 71 th until the 72 nd Commemoration Day of TNI  KONTRAS  recorded eight moment to have been evaluated concerning the performance of General Gatot Nurmantyo  who likely  has  been playing the practical politics for  unknown political goal. But now the country is approaching the political year of the Presidential Election in 2019.

The Deputy  Coordinator of KONTRAS Puri Kencana Putri said at least it was recorded eight points of  statement and attitude of the Commander in Chief of TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo that has been evaluated by KONTRAS as controversial and full of political nuance  though  it was rejected by General Gatot Nurmantyo as not any practical  political motivation in all  of  his Command  activities.

However Puri Kencana Putri said the Statement and the attitude of General Gatot Nurmantyo are not in  line with the White Book on the Defense published by The Ministry of Defense

Just short note on This White Book on Defense, this book  likely has not been   published and distributed widely  among the Defense Community so it is not popular Defense document among the Defense Community.  Mean while Once there was an article on this book  written  in   the limited and local bulletin that   was  describing the White Book of Defense published by the Ministry of Defense is lack of points on Defense Interest.

According to Puri Kencana Putri however, TNI has to look back to the White Book on Defense that said  the Territorial Defense has to be applied.  The Defense Attitude is ought  to be base on the management of  traditional and non-traditional system. She said the various statements of the Commander in Chief of TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo are definitely to be in the contrary to the  White Book on Defense. Puri Kencana Putri gave her view in the Office of Kontras, Jakarta, Wednesday (October 4, 2017). Definitely the statement of Puri Kencana Putri is too general to conclude that Commander in Chief of TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo to have played the Practical Politics.

Even the validity of the White Book on Defense is still necessary to be clarified by a certain group especially designed to compose the White Book on Defense.The review of the various statement made by General Gatot Nurmantyo as recorded by KONTRAS were among others : On May  2016 General GatotNurmantyo released his analysis that Indonesia will enter Zona Proxy War because of her natural resources.

Definitely General Gatot Nurmantyois still necessary to clarify what is his  detail analysis described  as Proxy War before General Gatot Nurmantyo to have been accused  to play  the Practical Politics.

When approaching the moment of the TNI’ s 71 Commemoration  Day in 2016 General Gatot Nurmantyo demanded the military personnel  to regain their political right.

This statement is in line with the principle of democracy and human right when the time is favorable all the soldiers should regain their right to vote in all General Election. This demand is definitely not any relation with the Military Dual Function in the Indonesian Political System applied during the New Order.

Definitely the Military Dual Function system applied during the New Order was not totally  wrong, because the national instability  needed clearly the participation  of eligible military personnel in non-Defense mission.

The original concept of Military Dual Function is the political system that allow the Armed Forces or TNI to convey the idea to solve any national crucial problem in constituting the national development mainly to constitute the national resilience.

In the Mass action organized by the Islamic Defending Front (FPI) known as 212 Moslem Mass Action on December 2,  of 2016 General Gatot Nurmantyo was detected to join this Moslem Mass Action, wearing white hat as the identity of the Moslem Mass Action. He joined  to pray together until all the mass action dismissed and leaved the National Monument.

However General Gatot Nurmantyo argued his presence among the masses is trying to maintain the conducive situation of the state and  to avoid any riot may  happen   and to maintain the dignity of President   Joko Widodo government.  It was also for the sake of similar purpose President Jokowi  was  also present in the praying together.

He argued his presence among the masses was intended to maintain the national unity and to show the respect of the Government Jokowidodo to this mass action  as far as the mass action done peacefully and  orderly.

On February 2017, Jenderal Gatot Nurmantyo as Commander in Chief of TNI commit in strong debate concerning one of Defense Ministry Regulation that limited  the room of activities of Commander in Chief of TNI to implement his development program.

General Gatot Nurmantyo was complaining  because of  the existing  Mindef’s Regulation No 28/2015, in such  a way affected the Commander in Chief of TNI  could not manage the development budget for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

Base on this Mindef’s Regulation the authority right of using the budget is fully under the Ministry of Defense arrangement. One the affect resulted by this Mindef’s Regulation was  the buying of Helycopter 101 from Italia that was done without Commander in Chief approval before. Definitely the strong debate was not insurrection type of Commander in Chief of TNI against the Minister of Defense but it was just functional normal debate.

On Mei 2017 General Gatot Nurmantyo was expressing his opposition view  concerning the capture of a number of demonstrators of among  the leaders of Moslem Mass demonstration  accused to have plan to take over the  Political Power of the Government.

The objection of General Gatot Nurmantyo on the accusation of taking over the government political power because there was not apparently  enough advance facts and  to show the Government respects on human right of the people to express their  respective will.

In May 2017, General Gatot was  present  in the  National Leadership  Meeting of Golkar . As a quest speaker General Gatot Nurmantyo  read a poem with the title of  “ The result of the development are good but the it is not  Ours.”  Kontras is of  the opinion  the action of General Gatot Nurmantyo to read the poem was  intended to say the failure of  the national development. But General Gatot Nurmatyo is of the opinion the situation  that was described in such poem should not  happened

On June 2017 in one of the agenda of “Silaturahim of Safari Ramadhan 2017 General Gatot was praying as Imam  together  with  thousands  of  participants  on an open wide yard out side of Jakarta. He apparently did not stop the praying even the  rain dropped heavily.

KONTRAS is considering  this  event to show that General Gatot  Nurmantyo is leaning to Moslem  political  demand. General Gatot  Nurmantyo argued due being a moslem he should show he is ready to face together any difficulty may happened in the coming days. General Gatot Nurmantyo want to show the feeling of togetherness among the society and the leader is the best choice of the society.

Finally, General Gatot Nurmatyo as the Commander in Chief of TNI ordered all the members of TNI and all the people around  the military camp to see together the film  on  The Traitor of CPI in September30,1965.

KONTRAS is of the opinion General Gatot Nurmantyo is of the will to create the hate feeling to the member of  the society  the remnants of CPI who are still a life Gen Gatot Nurmmantyo argued  the film is necessary to be seen as the historical tragedy  that happened  in 1965 will never happen again.

KONTRAS is of the opinion  at least  base on  those eight facts it could be concluded that  General Gatot Nurmantyo  in fact to have still the ambition to regain the Military Dual Functions , namely TNI members are beside their main function as the security apparatus, TNI  is willing to  participate in the civilian life of activities.

Openly General Gatot Nurmantyo has been accused to have played the practical politics  in the interest of a certain group of political power. The accusation is  definitely  to be connected to the Presidential Election in 2019. This activity is considered as a practical  politics  that should not be done  by any  Commander in Chief of TNI.

General Gatot Nurmantyo is rejecting to be accused to commit in the  practical  politics in the relation of the Presidential Election of 2019. He realized he has to work well supporting all the national activities of the country. Definitely General Nurmantyo said he did not play any political activity  for a certain political party interest. Political activity he played was not base on  any political party interest but for the  sake of the State  interest , namely the National Resilience.

General Gatot said as the Commander in Chief of TNI definitely he played the politic, but to play the  state politic. The State Politic is in fact the implementation of the State Mission in accordance to the Constitution.

General Gatot Nurmantyo definitely respected all critiques made by various group of people as published widely in  all kind of news media. All of those critiques  he has promised to be made as   the further reference in his last six month of his job and mission.

He  has  tried his best to launch his mission according to his job now to develop  TNI becoming the TNI he tried to show completely in the anniversary of the 72 th military parade and  various show performed  by the TNI soldier.

Likely he wants to response wisely  all the critiques he got based on record of his various activities  that have been considered  suspiciously as practical politics. He confessed that he played practical  politics  but it is the State Practical Politic that is in line with his mission derived of the State Regulation and Order by the Supreme Commander  of TNI, the President of The Republic of Indonesia. “According to the Constitution the political position of the Commander in Chief of TNI is on the Central position that means Commander in Chief of TNI is in neutral position in the political game among the political parties’ interest.

TNI is in neutral position in the practical politics done by various political parties. Commander in Chief of TNI definitely should watch  the political situation  but it should be always in a State Political Position  that means Commander in Chief of TNI should  know well the political situation but he should be always in neutral position he never join to any political party interest but the State Interest, the mission to develop  the National Resilience.

Commander in Chief was trying to be present in various situation  to know how is the situation going on and to rectify the political game if it is endangering  the national stability and tend to disturb the existing situation of the national security and stability.

Again as the Commander in Chief of TNI General Gatot Nurmantyo realize he has to  work in accordance to the Constitution, he has to play practical politics in line with the National Constitution. He realized  occasionally he has to be among the political masses but he realized that  he will not in their political game and their political interest. General Gatot Nurmantyo has to always realize  his  activities should be always in line with the Constitution and his  political way of thinking and doing  are always in  the State Political Message.

It has been since he was inaugurated as a soldier until now as the Commander in Chief  of TNI  he always realize  he is the Soldier of the Country, he shall work in line  with  the National Philosophy  of Pancasila,  the National Constitution of 1945 and the soldier way of life Sapta  Marga and the Soldier Oath.

Subjectively General Gatot Nurmantyo likely  is of the idea to be considered as successful Commander in Chief and objectively after the Commemoration of the72 th  Day of TNI he will work hard to complete the last six month of his term successfully.  He wants to become one of the so many best soldiers of this country.

*)  Airla, Political and Security Observer and Director of Strategic Assessment.

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