Can Setya Novanto Still Win Over Golkar Rift?

Can Setya Novanto Still Win Over Golkar Rift?

Even though the provision of the South Jakarta District Court annulled Setya Novanto’s status as a suspect in the high profile e-ID graft case, the turnmoil within the Golkar Party, which he leads, remains intense, with opponents of his leadership insisting Setya Novanto should temporarily step down and initiate a party plenary meeting to appoint an acting chairman.

Dogging by Setya’s opponent at Golkar party has been continued. Setya’s opponent at the Golkar party has insisted Setya to step down following a plunge in the party’s electability based on a recent survey.

Golkar executive chairman Nurdin Halid said that “regardless of the outcome of Setya’s pretrial motion, the party will continue to evaluate his chairmanship. “The evaluation we are currently conducting is to respond to the party’s declining electability, because we must soon take measures with the regional election approaching,” said Nurdin Halid.

The legal process Setya was facing would have little impact on the political process of his future leadership in Golkar, the country’s second biggest party after Jokowi’s Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP).

Meanwhile, Yorrys Raweyai, one of Setya’s most outspoken critics, claimed that Jokowi would support party executive and Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto temporarily taking over the party’s leadership as acting chairman until the country’s second-largest political party holds a national meeting to officially select a new chairman in 2019. Other Golkar execuives concurred with Yorrys, but they requested anonymity out of concern for their position in the party.

Factions opposed to Setya’s leadership within Golkar have argued that his legal problems have taken a toll on the party’s electability, saying Setya should resign to save the party.

Nusron Wahid, the head of Golkar’s regional elections devision, emphasized that an evaluation of Setya’s performance in leading the party was urgent regardless of his pretrial victory. “We must cut out corruption from this party and the role of the chairman is crucial in doing so,” emphasizing that Golkar’s attempt to clean the party from corrupt practices would certainly be ineffective under the leadership of Setya, who has been implicated in a number of corruption cases,” said Nusron.

Setya who has been targeted in three different major graft cases in the past but has evaded prosecution, has been a staunch supporter of Jokowi by keeping Golkar in the rulling coalition, which accounts for the majority in the House of Representatives.

But it was later arbritrarily canceled by secretary-general Idrus Marham, a Setya loyalist who refused to sign official invitation letters for all execuive members. Idrus went on to insist that the party would maintain Setya as the chairman regardless of the escalating infighting, rejecting a plan to review Setya’s leadership.

A leadership meeting on Sept. 25 concluded with a decision to ask Setya to voluntarily give up his position and appoint an acting chairman. Separately, Setya’s lawyer, Agus Trianto, has urged all parties to respect the pretrial decision.

I think pretrial the South Jakarta Court District which has been annulled Setya Novanto’s status as a suspect e-ID graft case didn’t make the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) intention to solve e-ID graft case and dragsed Setya as a suspect with new evidences. On other hand, pretrial Setya’s win doesn’t stop Golkar rift and endorsing bad political sentiment and image for Golkar. Besides that, pretrial Setya’s win can be lightered Yudicial Commission to more activelly stake-out court and judge’s track record.

The impacts from pretrial Setya’s win could be shown negative sentiment to law enforcement agency; triggering a corruption verdict to make same path trough pretrial accusations; the public supports on KPK will be stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, the impacts of Golkar rift over Setya’s case are the integrity and solidity among Golkar’s members will be disrupted; the chance of Golkar to win in 2018 simultaneous regional elections and in 2019 presidential election have been met slippery roads and death-road challenges; the Golkar’s support to Jokowi’s in 2019 presidential election will be just as political travesty and political prank; the possibility of Golkar party will be slampsed in 2018 simultaneous regional elections and in 2019 presidential election might have been happened; and finally, in general, the Golkar party does not decent to choice by people in 2018 and 2019 political event.

*) Amanda Sylvana, Junior observer on strategic issues. Lives in Tabanan District, Bali province.

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