President Jokowi has been criticized by various Foreign Media to be considered copying President Duterte action

President Jokowi has been criticized by various Foreign Media to be considered copying President  Duterte action

MSN On Line News Report on July 25,  2017 wrote the news report : Human Right Watch criticized President Jokowi, because President Jokowi instructed the Police to shoot down till dead those  of   narcotic dealer who tries to fight the Police. Aside of  being criticized by Human Right Watch President Jokowi had been  also criticized by other various  international news papers  who accused President Jokowi to have  totally copied the brutal policy of President Rodrigo Duterte of The Republic of the Philippines.

The Deputy Director of Human Right Watch  for Asia Division, Phelim Kine  said that President of The Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo should actually called the clear  and open  message to the  Indonesian Police, that the policy to solve the problem of the narcotic and the criminal  action involved in this problem are not simple  one  but  those are crucial  and complex. This statement could be retrieved from the on line News Report   belong to the Human Right Watch group on Tuesday July 25, 2017.

Phelim Kine was considering the instruction given by President Jokowi is influenced  by  the policy of President Duterte  of the Republic of the Philippines who  had  been declaring the physical war campaign against the drug dealers. Phelim  Kine further said that it is in fact President Jokowi, General Tito Karnavian Chief The National Police and also Budi Waseso Chief of The National Narcotic Body, those high  responsible national leaders dealing with narcotic of Indonesia should remind  President Duterte that his physical war campaign against the drug dealer is not wise.“

Definitely the action to solve the drug problem and the  criminal   action involved in the drug problem should be implemented  humanly . It is accordingly in the effort to solve the problem of drug we have to respect human right  of  every  body, we should not neglect  the human right.”  Phelim Kine said.

The similar critique towards President Jokowi were also raised by other various  international news media. “News Com au” a news  media  that  is  published in Australia had written an article with the title “Rodrigo Duterte’s  drug dealer killings : Now Indonesia wants to copy” .“Negative Critique  had been also published by the news media of  “Al  Jazeera ”  with the title of  “Joko Widodo : Police should  shoot suspected drug dealers”.

This article wrote The statement of President Jokowi could be seen  as similar to the policy of President Duterte who had  straight  strongly the drug dealers “This is definitely the controversial policy since last year because many people died  affected by the Police Operation, condemned by International Community.”

Al Jazeera wrote its article. The  critique  on President Jokowi instruction which is considered by various international news media report  as similar to the hard policy of President Duterte to be also written by  the news media report in Sout East Asia such Bangkok Post which wrote an article “ Jokowi backs shooting drug dealers” and  an article in “The Star Malaysia” which wrote “Jokowi Issues Order to Shoot Drug Traffickers.”

Record indicates President Jokowi made his statement when he gave his speech in the National Working  Meeting of  PPP in Ancol Jakarta on July 21 2017, in which he said “Demonstrate our hard policy, especially against those foreign drug dealers who are trying to enter Indonesia and trying to fight against the Security Unit who  is on duty. Do not hesitate just shoot them. Do  not give them any pardon. Indonesia is definitely in the emergency situation against drug” President Jokowi firmly said.

The instruction of President Jokowi to shoot till die any subversive activity definitely is not because of the Policy of President Rodrigo Duterte  who declared  the war campaign against  the drug dealer in the Philippines. The firm action against any subversive activity is permanent “Order of The Day” to the National Security Unit in Indonesia.

Since The Era of the New Order in 1968 The Republic of Indonesia considered the Subversive Activities is one of the actual threat to the Country of Indonesia, accordingly it should be watched  carefully and crushed firmly. Subversive activities are all activities done  against the National Interest  of the Country mainly  the  National  Security of the People, the National Stability  of the  Life and the National Security of the National Riches including its National Resources.

Subversive activities could be launched domestically and to be stabbed from abroad, accordingly the border lines should be definitely strong physically and personally. Illegal Entry, Smuggling,  Infiltration  and Border Crossing by  Force  are subversive  activities  coming from abroad that should be tackled strongly  and  firmly.

Drug is forbidden material independently sold in Indonesia. The drug smuggling is definitely subversive activity that should be coped with strongly and firmly. Being the archipelago country Indonesia  is vulnerable for illegal entry, smuggling and  infiltration. Accordingly strong and firm action against illegal entries, smuggler and infiltrator has been done firmly since long time ago.

Intelligent Estimate

Intelligent  Estimate  concluded  the world product of drug has been increasing  spectacularly that mean the drug traffic  would definitely increase and drug abuse is  definitely  the real danger of  the world. Definitely the Government of Indonesia is respecting  human  right  but the human right of the people threaten by the narcotic traffickers is more important to be protected.

Specifically : Indonesia is one of the target  country  of  the  world drug trafficking and  marketing; Tourism  and  social upheaval regionally and domestically are the vulnerable situation which  is good for drug trafficking and marketing; The social  and security  upheaval in Marawi, Mindanao is the recent situation  that should be watched carefully in the relation of the drug illegal traffic and market place since the uncertain   conclusion what will be actually Marawi Crisis. It is not just to establish the new ISIS force base in South East Asia, but it could be also the Centre of the drug traffickers   and  market  of  this region.

Accordingly we have to support President Rodrigo Duterte policy to all out eradicate the drug traffickers and dealers firmly in the Philippines; The effort to smuggle one Ton of Sabu from Taiwan entering Indonesia is indicating that the strong and firm security precaution should be made. The treat is really eminent and insulting the Indonesian security readiness. Accordingly the Government  should  show we are strong; President Jokowi is of the attitude all subversive activities should be watched and eradicated firmly. President  Jokowi is  of the opinion all the dead penalty given to all the narcotic defendant by  the Judge should be implemented and firm operation should be increased.

The instruction to The Security Unit concern to shot dead any drug smuggler or dealer who try to escape from  the detention or trying to fight the security Guards such as  given by President Jokowi when he attended the National Working Meeting of PPP  in  Ancol  was just to remind all the Security Aperture  that  the  Subversive Activities against the Country of Indonesia is one of the actual threat of the Country of to day. Accordingly it  should be watched carefully and taken care of it urgently and seriously.

The Indonesian people considers the Instruction of President Jokowi  to act  firmly against the drug dealer and user is not  new and it is not influenced by what happened in the Philippines. Drug problem is not new for the Indonesian. President Jokowi instruction to strongly take action against the drug  traffickers,  dealer and user is  just stressing a part of the  “Order of The Day” in combating the drug problem.

*) Agung Wahyudin, Political and Security Observer.

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