The Case of Kaesang Pangarep

The  Case of Kaesang Pangarep

As it has been widely known Kaesang Pangarep (KP), the youngest  son of President Jokowi has been reported by some  one named Mohammad Hidayat (MH) to Police  of Bekasi because KP is being   considered  to have called publicly a hate idea.

Media report  has released the  news that could be concluded,  KP through his video blog (Vlog) has said  the hated comment  most of Indonesian youth now to have the character of “ndeso” a Jawanese terminology describing someone  who is  culturally backward,   intellectually low,   in general  lack of knowledge  and living in the backward  village called in Jawanese language “deso”. MH considered KP  to be insulting most young generation of Indonesia. MH is of the opinion KP to have generalize most of the  Indonesian youth to have the individualist character and to think only for getting government  project. This situation is described by  KP in a vlog Papa minta Project.

Meanwhile through his vlog “Gantung  Ahok” KP is also trying to reveal the political rivalry situation during the Regional Election of Jakarta that is  considered by MH as provoking  the religious  conflicting  situation (SARA conflict) among the religious society and likely KP was demonstrating  as Ahok’s  supporter. Because of  this Vlog KP was reported to Police in Bekasi by MH considering KP to have distributed trough  the electronic means the hated feeling among  the Indonesian youth.

No legal action has been made bt the Police of Bekasi because KP is incidentally  following  the  whole family  joining  President  Jokowi  who makes  the State Visit  to Turkey  and  Germany in a special VIP plane.

It is likely the case of KP being  the son of the President  to have invited conflicting  attitude  among  the members of the society whether  or not the case of KP to be processed legally or it  is closed based on a certain reason.

There  is  likely the  intention  the case of KP to be closed  based on the argument : first, the case of KP as reported by MH does not affect any criminal problem. The Jawanese  word  “ndeso” is only a joke so that it should not be necessary   legally cared of. Beside of that, MH is apparently recorded as political activist who has the legal problem  with  the  Jakarta Police that  should  be processed. Because   of this MH will be called by the Police as the defendant on a hanging criminal  problem in Jakarta and  the case of KP will be put aside.

Second, Media report says the Police of Bekasi to have decided the case of KP would  not  be  legally processed because the Police is of the opinion the Vlog of KP is not affecting any criminal action. Definitely MH  is rejecting  this argument, according to MH. the Jawanese word “ndeso” is definitely the terminology describing the low character of some one. The Jawanese word “ndeso” is definitely  insulting some one.

Observer tends to suggest : first, this case should be used as the public education on the implementation of Law in this Country. The Government always  reminds  the  people  to prevent calling the hate speech.

Second, the  legal  problem  raised by  the society should be objectively  judged  by  the Court of Justice. Definitely the Police is not the Court institution.

Third, accordingly the case of KP should be brought to Court of Justice. Fourth, the Jawanse word “ndeso” is not likely a “joke”  the Jawanese  word ”ndeso” is an  insulting  terminology to down  grade other person. The final meaning of “ndeso” should be pertinently decided by te Court of Justice. This is just a suggestion, this is not definitely a demand. The idea  of this suggestion  is hoping everybody to  think objectively.

*)  Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo, Political  and Security Observer

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