Nahdlatul Ulama, Ansor and other Moslem Mass Organization are Strongly Demand the Dissolution of HTI

Nahdlatul Ulama, Ansor and other Moslem Mass Organization are Strongly Demand the Dissolution of HTI

On July 7, 2017 the National Leadership of Nahdlatul  Ulama and more than ten of  other Moslem Mass Organizations firmly remind and demand the Government’s plan to strongly decide the dissolution of Hizbut Tharir of Indonesia.

Nahdlatul Ulama on behalf of  those various Moslem Mass Organizatonm to have  raised  their demand referring to the facts : first, The Republic of Indonesia was founded based on nationally agreed Pancasila Philosophy and the Constitution  of1945 since  the Proclaimation of Independence on August 17, 1945.

Second, Pancasila Philosophy and the Constitution of 1945 have successfully  united the Country and the People of Indonesia as the Unitary State of The  Republic of Indonesia for 7 8  years.

Third, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is Democratic Country and  democratically to have  decided Pancasila Democracy  as stipulated in the Constitution  of  1945  as the  basic Philosophy and the Political Principle in running the Country.

Fourth, the Caliphate ideological and political principles adopted by Hizbut Tharir of  Indonesia is definitely the  extreme philosophy,  that means it is against the Pancasila Philosophy and the Constitution of 1945.

Fith, Hizbut Tharir of Indonesia  being the branch of  the foreign Organization  is  apparently radical and transnational character.

Sixth, the Government of Indonesia should strongly dismiss Hizbut Tharir of Indonesia  to prevent the development of the Caliphate in Indonesia.

Meanwhile the Youth Movement of Ansor demands the Government urgently  publish the Government Regulation Applied as Law to decide  the  dissolution   of Hizbut Tharir of Indonesia (HTI) which is adopting the Caliphate Ideology and Political teaching.

The Government is considered too slow in implementing  plan to dissolve HTI through the legal process. The slow  action of  the Government to dissolve HTI to have given  chance for HTI to continue their activities developing the  Caliphate teaching. Is not clear what does it mean with dissolving HTI through the legal process. However people tend to describe the “legal process” means  the dissolution  of HTI  based on the decisionof the Court of Justice.

Ansor is  criticizing the Government  attitude that neglects this crucial problem to be continuously faced by the majority of the Indonesian Moslem who are respecting Pancasila philosophy  and  the  Constitution 1945.  Gus Yagut  the Chairman of Ansor  on July 7,  2017 was complaining to  the media.

Gus Yagut said  after it was announced  on May 8, 2017 until now the Government’s   plan  to dismiss HTI has not yet developed significantly. The Government  keeps silent  and there is no any legal step to be taken by the Government. The society is asking  the seriousness of the Government to dissolve the existence of  HTI, which is clearly trying to develop the Caliphate which is against Pancasila philosophy, Gus Yagut said.

Ansor also  realize legally based on Law No 17 of  2013 the dissolution of HTI should be based of the decision of the Court of Justice, however based on the urgent  situation  the Government could publish the Government Regulation Applied as Law to dissolve HTI.

This state action is just a matter of the Government’s  courage  to make this urgent legal step. The Government based on the State Interest of  Pancasila  and the Constitutionof1945   should be  courage  enough to make the courage decision to  solve  this crucial situation.

Definitely the dissolution of  HTI through  the Court of Justice would take long time,  accordingly to publish the Governmen Regulation ASpplied as Law to be the challenge of  the People’s  Sovereignty Holder of to take the decision, The President of The Republic of Indonesia.

The legal alternative to publish the Government Regulation  Applied  as Law should be urgently decided by te Government, otherwise the activities of  HTI would be going  on.

Until now the leader of HTI is still occasionally  invited by a certain group of people to give a briefing concerning the present  political situation. This briefing were definitely criticizing the present national development which is run based on Pancasila  philosophy and the political system based on the Constitution of 1945.

According to Ansor, the ending goal of  HTI is to size the political power of Indonesia. The State of The Republic of Indonesia would be changed, Pancasila  philosophy and the Democratic System based on the Constitution of1945 would be changed  to become  the   new  state based on the Caliphate.

It is no question if HTI is politically  influencing,  HTI will definitely  try to take over the political power through “makar” or armed rebellion. Accordingly before HTI is becoming  strong , this militant  organization should be dissolved.

Observer tend of  the opinion the political move  of the Central  Leadership  of NU, The Youth Movement of Ansor and various other Moslem mass organization to remind the Government  on  the Government’s  plan to dissolve HTI should be considered as te awareness of the Moslem society to the serious danger of the presence of HTI.

Being the Moslem society who accepts Pancasila Philosophy and the Constitution of 1945 as the Ideological and Political System of the Republic  of Indonesia the reminding of the National Leadership of NU should be responded significantly by the Government. The reminding of the Leadership of NU, Ansor and of the various Moslem Mass Organization is the strong indication of the serious threat against the Indonesian Moslem unity posed by the campaign of the Caliphate Element within the Moslem society of Indonesia is  seriously felt by  the Moslem soiety.

Being the country  which is consisting of various races, tribes and religion  the Unity of among  the Indonesian Moslem society is definitely very  essential. The Indonesian Moslem definitely is aware the Extremism and Radicalism  among a certain group   of Moslem are not new in the history of  this Country. Accordingly the presence of the Moslem   element of HTI who  are  Extreme  in Ideological  aspect  and Political view and radical in implementing the Idea is definitely a serious problem that should be urgently  responded.

The Government of Indonesia should realized the similar situation such as happens in Marawi in Mindanao, the Philippines is not something impossible for this country. Again the Government of Indonesia should look back to the Indonesian history of  1950-1980 to remind what had happened in various part of this country.

Concerning HTI various discussion has been made and concluded the most significant step taken will be the  President of the Republic of Indonesia publishes  the  Government Regulation Applied as Law decides The Caliphate (Khilafah Islamiah) is forbidden to be develop in Indonesia; HTI as the political organization which is developing the Caliphate is dissolverd; The members of HTI after dissolved could perform their Moslem teaching as the respected  religion normally.

Of course the existing of HTI is not the only potential threat for the emerge  of Extremism and radicalism, it is definitely also the  failure of the Country to realize the principle of social and justice among the whole Indonesian people is also another  essential problem that should not be neglected. The more wider of the gap between the Rich and the Poor of this Country should not be covered by those illusioned success of the macro economic.

It is likely the Comprehensive Analysis of the Situation of the Country  to be  necessarily and essentially  made. This analysis is likely important to coup with the situation of this country integrately.

*)   Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo, Political and Security Observer.

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