TNI was Born to be Professional In Conventional and in-Conventional Warfare

TNI  was Born  to be Professional In Conventional and in-Conventional Warfare

Political Analysis tend to conclude in general  that all the terrorist   action that had  happened in this country  are leaning to the ISIS Organization and its interest  namely to  develop  its ideological  and political  doctrine called the Caliphate (Khilafah). The main essential character of  ISIS ideological and Political doctrine of the Caliphate is to trans nationally  unite a number of countries in certain area of the World populated mostly  by Moslems  and to be run  based on the religious  ideological and political system called the Caliphate. This has been the political adventurer done by ISIS in Northern part of Irak and a part of Syria in the recent  years and eventually South East Asia is apparently  a part of the World to  have that kind of situation.

Al Qaeda which was predicted to be the group behind the terrorist activity in Manchester and Kabul as other terrorist group are not popular in South East Asia. The objective of Alkhaeda is to fight against the Western Imperialism.  Though might be the terrorist activities in London and Afganistan were done by the Al Qaeda element but  all the terrorist activities in South East ASsia were claimed as the ISIS action.

However now ISIS  has to withdraw from its strategic position in Syria  that has been  controlled   by  its armed power and making this area as  its  power base during its  political adventurer in the recent years. The Syrian territory that was controlled by ISIS before is clearly the strategic position of the Country of Syria in term of military,  political  and  economic  interest. The failure of  ISIS  to  defend  its power base in Syria  and driven out of the this country will definitely become the serious blow to ISIS in Syria.

Accordingly the various terrorist  activities  of ISIS  supporters in all around the world are considered important position to show the political existence and the influence of ISIS. In term of the economic power the defeat of ISIS in Syria is definitely the lost of the economic power of ISIS which has been depending much to the control of ISIS on the illegal oil  trade  in the Middle East centralized in Syria. However the ISIS terrorist action in various part of the world such as in South East Asia will not be likely affected by the economic blow of ISIS in Syria because the ISIS action in other part of the world is supported by local financial collection.

Based on this  analysis  the ISIS political presence in the Middle East  could be expected weaken  but  the emerge of  a certain  ISIS terrorism activities in various parts of the world such as in Marawi  in Southern part of Mindanao, the Philippines will not be affected. However with the firm military operation it could be likely the Philippines military  will soon totally control the  territory of Marawi in the southern part of Mindanao,   in the Southern part of the Philippines.  Definitely the possible establishment of  joint or combined military operation of a number of countries among the ASEAN countries  such as done in Syria to support the Philippines military operation will definitely make the collapse of the ISIS sympathizers  in Marawi more rapidly. This idea of  course  does  not intend to describe the Philippines Armed Forces is not strong enough to demolish the ISIS terrorist in Marawi.

It is strategic consideration though ISIS is in a setback position now but to prevent the debacle of the security situation of South East of Asia because of ISIS terrorist  action  likely  it would  be definitely no harm if military cooperation among  the countries of ASEAN jointly or  in the combined  military operation  to be conducted  to support dissolving any ISIS military upheaval in South East Asia is likely important to be anticipated by  the ASEAN members country especially among the defense and security leaders of ASEAN countries.

Beside of it, it should be likely important for the Country of South East Asia  to evaluate that the failure of the ISIS supporters in Marawi, in Southern part of The Philippines could likely provoke  the sporadic terrorist action in the country of South East Asia, included Indonesia.

ISIS  terrorist activities are  the psychological warfare

Accordingly  the anticipation on the possible increase of ISIS terrorist activities  as the psychological warfare campaign  should be made by all the  defense and security forces of the  country in South East Asia such as Indonesia.

It  is likely  correct the analysis of General Gatot Nurmantyo the Commander of TNI who considered the ISIS terrorist activities are actually the evil deed  against  the ASEAN States so it  should  not be just considered as the criminal act so it is important to be responded by all the military leaders in ASSEAN countries  pertinently, especially Indonesia. The ISIS terrorism is definitely the action of the devil against the ASEAN states. The objective of those various terrorist action of ISIS supporters in South East Asia are definitely to make the favorable situation for ISIS campaign on its Ideological and political doctrine in South East Asia. So definitely  those ISIS  terrorist activities are  the psychological warfare and clearly it is political movement against the ASEAN states including Indonesia.

Accordingly  General Gatot Nurmantyo strongly  is of the opinion that   considering  the ISIS terrorist activities   just as  the criminal action  to be definitely wrong.   Accordingly the tirelessly  debate in the House of Representative and among  a number of Politician and legal experts about the involvement of TNI  in the effort  to demolish the ISIS terrorist  threat is unwise and useless  attitude.

The unending busy debate about the term of detention of the terrorist and the legal right of TNI to eradicate the ISIS terrorists were definitely indicating the lack of understanding of various Indonesian political and legal or human right activists   about what has been happening in the world. ISIS terrorist activities are definitely  psychological warfare concept to destabilize South East Asian countries as the preconditioning for easily introducing the ideological and political doctrine of the Caliphate (Khilafah).

The active terrorist activities will definitely erase the people trust to the Government.   So  it is definitely  true that all of  ISIS terrorist activities were not just the criminal act because it has been definitely approved that ISIS terrorist action were ideological and political motivated to establish the South East Asia Caliphate so the struggle against ISIS terrorist  threat  should not be considered  as temporarily mission because the defeat of ISIS in Syria will not totally diminish the existence of ISIS and its activities in the Middle East and in other parts of the World including South East  Asia.

In conclusion  actually  Indonesia is now and then will be continuously facing the ideological and political threat posed by ISIS and ISIS terrorist activities are  the psychological warfare  activities used to de-stabilize the Country  in South East Asia  to create  the convenient situation for the  embark of the further political movement  in its effort to bring the  ISIS ideological and Political doctrine  into the Country of South East Asia.

The technical problem of the  country of Indonesia of   to day to be  actually just the special legal authority for The President of The Republic of Indonesia. The House of Representative is expected to approve for the revise  of Law No 15 of 2003 on Terrorism strengthening  the authority of the  President of the Republic of Indonesia  to utilize TNI to eradicate all the un-intended threat  faces  by the Country of Indonesia posed by Marxism, Leninism, Communism and all Ideological and political doctrine which are against the Four Pillars of the Country of Indonesia mainly Pancasila  Ideology.

This is actually a part of the national interest demanding the revision of  the idea of Reform Era which is definitely wishing  to limit the role of  TNI  just as the Defense Force for the Conventional War. The Reform Era definitely wishes the role of TNI should be limited and preventing TNI to return to dual function character. Definitely TNI would not oppose this  principle  demand of the Reform Era, definitely TNI  does not want to  return to the New Order political system, but TNI believes it has a specific capability usefully for protecting the country against the ideological and political motivated terrorist threat.

Now a specific situation has happened in the country. And the country of Indonesia internally needs the legal ad democratic umbrella that authorize the President of the Republic of Indonesia at any time to utilize TNI to eliminate the Ideology and Political Doctrines which is against the four pillars of The Country of Indonesia. This is the situation is facing by the Country of Indonesia because of  the ISIS threat.

Some of national strategic thinkers are of  the opinion that  ISIS threat should be apparently faced nationally utilizing and implementing the specific military capability called the Territorial Military Capability to support the urgent preventive action of the government to strengthen the ideological and political resistance of the Indonesian people against  the Caliphate  ideological and political doctrine campaigning by ISIS.

For this purposed  concept it is definitely  true that TNI territorial miitary capability is very useful in supporting the government effort to strengthen the Ideological and Political resistance among the Indonesian society. It is likely important for TNI leadership beside the conventional military capability it is  also important  to refresh the in-conventional warfare capability of TNI, namely the territorial military capability. Definitely public question will raise : What is the territorial military capability of TNI. The  answer is simple Territorial Military Capability Doctrine of TNI is the utilization of  human characters in TNI Military Operation  which is greeted by any people in the world as it was demonstrated by TNI in its international mission  in the UN Peace Keeping Force. Definitely the TNI presence in the Pacific island, in Africa and  in the Middle East have been greeted and welcomed.

Realizing the world development  to day it is definitely clear the utilization of TNI to combat the  ISIS threat is definitely essential. ISIS threat should be faced militarily and  territorially. And luckily for  this country of Indonesia TNI was born with special capability professionally conducting the Conventional Warfare and TNI is also  professionally  conducting  the   in-conventional Warfare or territorial Warfare capability   to eradicate any ideological and political doctrine which is against Pancasila and the other three principles of four pillars of the country of Indonesia (The Constitution of 1945, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and the Spirit of Bhineka Tunggal Ika).

*)    Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo, Political and Security Observer.

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