The Foundation of Presidential Working Unit for The Implementation of Pancasila Ideology

The Foundation of Presidential Working Unit for The Implementation of Pancasila Ideology

Based on President Decision No 54 of 2017, The Government   decided to establish the Presidential Working Unit for the Implementation of Pancasila   Ideology. The elaboration of the foundation of this Presidential Working Unit has not yet been released but it is likely   to be  intended  as the modification  of  the Education on the Guidance to Adopt and to Implement Pancasila national Philosophy among the  Indonesian society (P-4).

This information was  released  through the media on Thursday  of June  1, 2017  on the same day  when for  the first time the ceremony to commemorate  the historic moment when for first time the five principles of the national philosophy of the Independent Country of Indonesia called Pancasila was introduced by Ir Soekarno in the Special meeting of the Committee which was founded to design and to prepare  the  basic need of the foundation of the Independent Country of Indonesia, held on June 1, 1945. Whatever mistake of the Japanese invasion  to the South East Asia but  it was the historical fact on the beginning of August 1945 the Japanese Military Occupation  in Jakarta asked  Ir Soekarno  to  form a group of Indonesian leaders as the Indonesian Committee to discuss the preparation of the declaration of the Indonesian  Independence. This group was founded by Ir Soekarno which are then  called the group of the founding fathers of the Country of Indonesia.

In this historical Committee  of  the founding  fathers  of the Country  of Indonesia Ir Soekarno delivered his speech about  the national philosophy  as the basic need of the Indonesian in running his independence country. In the speech  presented on June 1, 1945  Ir Soekarno  was  introducing the   five  principles  of the national philosophy of the Indonesian nation he has been inspired by the philosophic thinking of various Indonesian thinkers and philosopher.

In his speech Ir Soekarno told the  audience  that one expert  called the attribute  of those five principles of the national philosophy as Pancasila Philosophy. Likely  based on this  record the historical event was made by President  Jokowi when for  the   first time the commemoration  of the  introducing  of the attribute of  Pancasila  was held on June 1, 2017. The word Pancasila  apparently  is likely the holly  word  for the Indonesian to be raised  when the unity  of the Country of  Indonesia is felt being in danger.

Though the word Pancasila is not mentioned in the Draft of the Constitution   composed later by  the Committee of 9 led by Ir Soekarno  but  those elaboration of  five principles of the national philosophy are clearly adopted and  stated on the Preambule  (The Openness) of the first Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia which was declared on August 18, 1945 one day after the Independence of Indonesia was declared on August 17, 1945. This constitution was amended in 2002 to 2004 the Preambule was not changed. But all the articles are changed. Accordingly the amended Constitution valid now is permanently called The Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia of 1945.

The Government of the New Order under President Soeharto based on the national agenda to strengthen  the strong understanding of the people  of  Indonesia to this five principles of the national  philosophy and to implement it  in  all  the Indonesian daily life, the Government hold officially and compulsorily the  firm Education on the guidance of those five principles of the national Philosophy in the National Program  for all the people of Indonesia. This national program was called The Education on the Guidance to adopt and to implement of the National Ideology of Pancasila among all the nation element both the Civilian and the Armed Forces members, the Police, the Students, the Government Officials, the business society, labors and all other Indonesian elements.  Since  then the word of Pancasila became the popular  attribute  of the Indonesian Ideology in running the Republic of Indonesia in his struggle  to perform the goals of the Indonesian independence in line with the basic principles of all the religion,  all the culture  and respecting  the regional custom of various  races and tribes  which are existing in Nusantara islands.

Unluckily the Reformed Generation Order since 1998 had stopped that important and essential national program, accusing  the Compulsory Pancasila Education Program  was just the political  strategy  of President Soeharto  to strengthen  his political power.  More over the importance of the Science  and  Technology  apparently  has  affected the grow of the weak charracter of the new generation to neglect and to kick away for understanding  on the national history of the past as not important element of their life. Even Pancasila has been terribly forgotten. It was surprisingly  many  scholars were apparently do not remember what  are  those five principles of Pancasila.  Unfortunately  though the new   program to socialize the so called Four Pillars of the Country of Indonesia that had been raised by the leaders of the Peoples Consultative  Assembly (MPR)  widely but no Government attention has been likely attracted.

The new generation definitely could not imagine how hard  the old religious and the nationalist group of Indonesian had to fight against the communist group which will   change the Pancasila Philosophy with the Marxist philosophy and the Leninist/Communist political  doctrine in the years before 1965 and even after it.

The  words  radicalism and  terrorism  action were not new in the political history of Indonesia  it were  the political means of the Communist  to disturb the peaceful life of the people and the emerge of the political dissatisfy to the government. However the communist   radicalism   and   terrorism were not the essential  danger  for the  Country  of Indonesia, because without  any law and regulation, TNI and the Police would have  instantly worked  to stop it. It is the TNI and Police doctrine  that stresses  the mission of TNI and Police are to curb the riot and the confuse happens in the society. However to strengthen the Pancasila philosophy as the essential resistance  of the country to face the threat of Marxism, Leninism and Communism should be clearly needed  the  perfect  law and regulation and planning for TNI joining to do that.

Accordingly to face the present situation  the clear and permanent mission of TNI to support the program of  the Government to strengthen the adoption of Pancasila national philosophy among the Indonesian society, should definitely be mentioned in revised Law No 15 of 2003 on The Eradication of the Terrorism. Definitely only because the establishment of KOPKAMTIB the war against the Communist  could  be won. But definitely KOPKAMTIB could not be founded now accordingly the authorized emergency authority  for the Government to control the unintended situation that happened such as it now definitely  it should be  designed in the Law No 15 of 2003 being revised by the House of Representative now.

The New Dangerous Enemy.

It is definitely everybody knows  the new dangerous  enemy  is likely coming and the only legal weapon that is available is the State Decision that forbid the Marxism, Leninism and Communism  to be develop in Indonesia should be perfected that beside  of those three  actual danger of  the Pancasila philosophy it is  also other philosophy  and ideology which are in contradiction to Pancasila Philosophy such the ISIS ideology are definitely also  forbidden.

Realizing to the such situation definitely the national agenda and the continuous  program  to  strengthen the understanding and the adoption of Pancasila among the  Indonesian people especially among those young generation is very important and should not be neglected.

Accordingly though it has been late but hopefully the foundation of the Presidential Working  Unit  to strengthen the national Philosophy of Pancasila  among the new generation  is not too late

The stopping of radicalism and terrorism is not new in the national history definitely it has happened in the past when Indonesia was facing the effort of the Communist Party of Indonesia to develop Marxism,Leninism and Communism in Indonesia.  Any possible radical and terrorist action of the Communist group instantly would have been curbed by TNI and the Police but definitely it is the main challenge for all  elements  of the Indonesia people respectively  for should  be  able to strengthen their respective group against unintended influence from outside.

The communist terrorist action of Bandar Betsy in North Sumatera and the killing of a group of religious  trainees who were praying in a mosque in East Jawa by the Communist People Youth were among the famous  radical and terror  actions of  the Communist Party of Indonesia before 1965.

However definitely the main mission of TNI and the  Police are not just  to counter the radical and terror action of the Communist Party but to support the government program to strengthen the ideological resistance to counter the development of  Marxism, Leninism and Communism among  the Indonesian nation. This character does not definitely change accordingly the unchanged mission to curb the radical riot  and terrorist  action happened  among the society and supporting the government to strengthen  the ideological resistance  among the society are never stopped.

And now another threat has been definitely faced in  term  of  radical and terrorist action  as their effort to destabilize  the country and to make the vulnerable situation of  Pancasila  philosophy. Definitely terrorism happened recently was intended to damage  the people trust to the Government to protect their security.

Also now the mission of TNI and the Police are not just  to stop the radical and terror action of those group we are concerning now but definitely to support the  government  program to strengthen the ideological resistance among the society.

It is  an idea to speed up the work of the Presidential Working  Unit to strengthen the National philosophy of  Pancasila among  the society the National Organization  to be designed against terrorism like BNPT to be re-organized and utilized as the  Operational Sub Unit of the Presidential Working Unit to strengthen the national philosophy of Pancasila among those young religious generation, the followers of Religious Boarding School and other young religious group and organizations existing  in the society.

Definitely the involvement of TNI in the program  to stop  radicalism and terrorism  should not be  necessary to be discussed  in un-ended argumentation in the House of Representative. TNI is good for battle and  also  territorial mission. The territorial function of  TNI is definitely  important  and  useful  to support  the operational program  of  the Presidential Working Unit to Strengthen the national philosophy of Pancasila on the field.

*)   Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo, The Political and Security Observer.

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