Melayu Village Bomb Attack: ISIS, Lone-wolf or Justice?

Melayu Village Bomb Attack: ISIS, Lone-wolf or Justice?

President Joko Widodo expressed his disappointment over the bombing in Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta which claimed the lives of three policemen and injured 11 residents. Jokowi provides a number of ways out to prevent terrorism attacks. Bombs exploded twice in Kampung Melayu on May 23, 2017. It was suspected that terrorists acted when the parade went through Kampung Melayu. Three policemen escorting the Torch Parade fall. While 11 people suffered injuries. Two of the perpetrators were found dead by the initials Ahmad Sukri and Ichwan Nurul Salam. Police suspect the perpetrator involved ISIS network. Jokowi responded immediately to the bombing action in Kampung Melayu firmly. Jokowi expressed his condolences for the victims of the bomb.

Jokowi wants the government and the House to immediately complete the Antiterrorism Law. That way, according to Jokowi, the security apparatus is facilitated by strong regulation to fight terrorism. In addition, Jokowi called on all Indonesian people to unite against terrorism.

“Terrorism has become the problem of all countries,” said Jokowi started his press conference at the location of Kampung Melayu bomb, East Jakarta, Thursday (05/25/2017). Jokowi says in another country, the antiterosime regulation is so strong. The apparatus is facilitated by the strong regulation. Jokowi asserted if the Anti-terrorism Act needs to be resolved so that similar incidents can be prevented.

Jokowi expressed deep sorrow for the victims and their citizens, both in the hospital and the dead, especially in the police force who died in the duty. Jokowi called on all parties to unite to counter terrorism.

According to observers and former terrorists who had been head of Instructor for Bomb Attacking Jama’ah Islamiyah (JI) East Java, Ali Fauzi said it was suspected that there was an old player playing a role in the bomb assembly of those who had once been in Afghanistan, Mindanao. They are experts in assembling bombs. “My review, material material bombs are more dangerous than previous bombs,” said Ali Fauzi, comparing with Surakarta, Samarinda, Sarinah and Tangerang bombs.

Looking at targeted target, Ali Fauzi explained, not unlike the terror groups so far, that is the police. “They upgraded their skills, engineering, individual skills, and a few years ago (acts of terror) seemed to play games,” said Ali Fauzi.

Associated with ISIS, Ali Fauzi said that the terror of Kampung Melayu bombs was like a global domino effect of terror. “It responds to the effects of global dominoes, signaling that in Indonesia they have their version (terrorist) fighters, that Indonesia still exists, if network linkage is not possible, but there is an ideological similarity,” Ali Fauzi said. Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Division Public Relations Division, Police Kombes Martinus Sitompul suspect the perpetrators of this suicide bomb is a terror group of Islamic State of Iraq Syria (ISIS).

The suicide bombing in Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta, which occurred on Wednesday evening, May 24, 2017, seized international attention. There are at least five countries that provide official statements related to Kampung Melayu explosion. The five countries responded by appealing to their respective citizens to take the steps deemed necessary for personal safety. The five countries are Britain, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

UK Government issued travel advice or appeal travel to its citizens. “The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) considers that the threat of terrorism remains high in Indonesia.You must be vigilant, cautious at all times, and follow the advice of local authorities,” the travel advice issued by the British Government on its official website www British Ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik expressed his condolences regarding Kampung Melayu bombing. “We are very sorry for the victims of the terrorist attack in Kampung Melayu We strongly support Indonesia. #PrayForJakarta #KamiNot Fear,” Ambassador Malik wrote in his Twitter account, @MazzazzamTMalik.

A similar security call was also issued by Australia. The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade increased travel advice to Indonesia on May 25, 2017. The Australian Foreign Ministry warned Indonesian citizens of Kangaroos in Indonesia about the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks.

US embassies and consulates in Indonesia issued a security appeal to their citizens following the bombing of Kampung Melayu. “All visitors or US citizens living in Indonesia should review personal security plans, take appropriate steps to improve personal security, and be careful in large meetings,” the US embassy and consulate said on its official website.

Similar to the US, the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta issued a post-explosive security appeal for Kampung Melayu. “A number of media have reported an explosion that caused casualties in Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta.Chinese residents in Jakarta are encouraged to avoid the area, keep monitoring the local media for the latest developments, and do all the necessary precautions for their respective security,” imbau Embassy of Singapore in Jakarta via social media Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Foreign Ministry confirmed that none of its citizens had been bombed by Kampung Melayu and that it was monitoring the incident. Kampung Melayu bomb attacks also adorn the pages of a number of international media. The US news agency CNN reviewed it in an article titled ‘Suicide bombings kill 3 officers at the Jakarta bus station, police say’.

ISIS, Lone-wolf or Justice?

Bomb attacks in Melayu Village are clearly not done by ISIS sympathizers in Indonesia, because the terror organizations have no branch in Indonesia, although some radical organizations in Indonesia have been linked to ISIS, but after that they often experience internal divisions and experience insolence, May carry out a bomb attack. Linking a bomb attack in Melayu Village with ISIS will only enlarge the organization’s image. Although ISIS claims the perpetrators of Melayu Village, it is just an ISIS trick looking for images to capitalize on the suffering of society.

There are some allegations appear post-bomb Melayu Villagenamely: first, most likely the bombers Melayu Villageis “lone-wolf”. Lone wolf aka Single Wolves is a term in the study of terrorism to call a single terrorist who is not bound by a group. Therefore, Melayu Villagebombers are not ISIS.

Secondly, terrorism is the culmination of intolerance that begins with intolerant thoughts and transforms into radical intolerant acts and leads to acts of terror. The upstream of terrorism is intolerance, so the controversial crime of accelerating the transformation of intolerance toward terrorism is a part of the act of law which must also be a priority for law enforcement.

Third, the possibility of bomb attack Melayu Villageis a reflection demanding justice is increasingly becoming an expensive item in today’s global era. According to international problem observer, ErlanggaPratama said that there are two factors which can push Melayu Villageattacks as follow allegation of theologian discrimination and HTI banning. It’s the matter how a justice will be taken “. Its essence is justice and how to build constructive relations between the government and Muslims will be an indication of whether or not bomb attacks in Indonesia are emerging.

*) Kurniadi, a researcher at LSISI, Jakarta.

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