Khilafah Isn’t The Face Of Archipelago

Khilafah Isn’t The Face Of Archipelago

“If Hindus do not become Indians, if Muslims do not become Arabs, if Christians do not become Jews. Stay as people of the archipelago with the rich culture of this archipelago “. An affirmative sentence from Bung Karno that is very clear that we as a great nation and united in the knitting of the archipelago, must remain a people of archipelago, private archipelago and not one who likes to follow other nations. We must stick to the culture, customs and culture of our nation that are so rich.

Bung Karno who is the Father of the Nation of Indonesia, strongly put forward the spirit of nationalism and put forward the pride of national culture. Because national culture is a unifying tool of the nation from various cultural threats of foreign nation that play the politics of divide, and unconsciously destroys the way of life of the Indonesian people, destroys the social life of our heart, and the most dangerous is trying to replace the ideological values ​​of Pancasila As the basis of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Bung Karno did not reject religion at all, because of what we know, Bung Karno is a religious person. But Bung Karno is a religious person, with a broad nationalistic insight, and cultivated humanity among nations, and affection with all beings. Not only Bung Karno, the manifestation of the collaboration of thought between the Godhead and social life of the society even existed in the Committee of Sembilan who served to formulate the basis of the State of Indonesia contained in the 1945 Constitution. Ninth People of the Nation namely Drs. Moh. Hatta, Mr. Achmad Soebardjo, Mr. Moh. Yamin, KH. Wahid Hasyim, H. Agus Salim, Abdoel Kahar Moezakir, Abikoesno Tjokrosoejoso, Mr. Alexander Andries Maramis and also includes Bung Karno. That’s what makes the Indonesian nation has identity and reflects the face of indigenous archipelago.

But lately became a very warm discussion among the people, will the efforts of a group who want to replace the ideology of Pancasila with the Khilafah system is considered as a single system given by Allah SWT to expel the Indonesian nation from various problems that hit. The Pancasila democracy system that has united the archipelago for them is not recognized and the government is considered Thogut because it is the problem carrier. Even the enforcement of the Khilafah is an obligation that can not be bargained, because the Khilafah is considered a single solution to the problematic not only in Indonesia, but in the world.

However, it seems that the efforts of these groups do not necessarily gain the support of all Indonesians. Even without the exclusion of individual monotheistic values, the dominant majority of Indonesians do not accept the enforced notion of enforced Khilafah accompanied by illustrations of the failure of the Indonesian Government to apply the Pancasila democratic system. The community’s refusal to replace Pancasila ideology with the Khilafah system has grounded Pancasila on the earth of Ibu Pertiwi Nusantara.

Chairman of MUI, KH. Ma’ruf Amin also responded to the commotion of the group, asserting that the Khilafah is incompatible with Indonesia. According to Ma’ruf Amin, Indonesia has agreed on its own state system since the beginning of independence, so no longer need to talk about other systems and advise Muslims in Indonesia to respect the system that the founders of the nation have established. No need to cause a new upheaval, we Indonesian nation, whatever the mahzabnya our nation, our figures, the predecessors have agreed this system. Do not create a new system that creates a new turmoil, is done, the deal is done.

Affirmation of KH Ma’ruf Amin again reminded the assertion of Bung Karno during the HonorisCausa speech in front of the academic community of IAIN Jakarta in 1964, among others: “… If you ask, does the bung Karno believe in God? I answered yes I believe in God. In fact, as I say over and over, I live by the grace of God. Live according to my assumptions for what?, to serve God Almighty, serve the Fatherland, serve the nation, serve the ideals. I mention God the Almighty number one because for me the Fatherland is God’s message to us. Well that’s understandable to make sense. But if bung Karno says the country should be god, how is the state really god? Does the country have a soul? Well you have such a question. So it was one of the examples of my understanding Ushuluddin everything that “kumelip” in this world, yes man, yes animals, yes trees, yes mountains, yes sea, yes gravel, yes country, must worship to God. God of all nature. God of the State, for the State is also in this Realm. But a State that does not worship God, a Godless Country, is ultimately wretched and vanishes from the face of the earth. ”

The conceptual love of God equipped with a very broad humanitarian insight by a Bung Karno, shows that loving God is not only of religious prowess but of its relation to the nation, the State and mankind. And does not Allah (SWT) say in Q.S Al-Hujurat verse 13 that “O mankind, We have created you from men and women, and We made you nation and tribe so that you may know each other well. Truly the most glorious beside Allah among you is the most pious to Him. God is all-knowing and all-knowing. ”

The rejection of the Khilafah system must be realized not as an antidote to Al-qurán, the hadith or the history of Islamic civilization in the world. The rejection of the caliphate becomes relevant and contextual for the people of Indonesia, because of our obligations as the people of Indonesia to maintain NKRI, which incidentally has applied the values ​​of God in the life of nation and state of Indonesia. However, the reaction of the community’s refusal to force a group to establish the Khilafah Islamiyah State in Indonesia must be consistent with the affirmation of legislation in the State of Indonesia, that it is included in subversive efforts and all forms of Khilafah’s struggle in Indonesia are valid for the fatwa As a form of subversive action against the State of Indonesia.

The ideology of Pancasila democracy is the foundation of the State of Indonesia which expressly defines the ideological philosophical values ​​of the nation, so as not to lose the direction and identity as the nation of Indonesia. The values ​​contained in Pancasila is a collaboration of the application of God as the foundation of nationality with social and economic life of society. The democracy is not western democracy, but democratic political economy is a democracy that implements the independence of the State of Indonesia, which is independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous, promotes the general welfare and intellectual life of the nation, as stated in the preambule of the 1945 Constitution.

For the sake of the unity of the Indonesian nation, all political elites, clerics, governments, elements of the movement and all the Indonesian people should be enthusiastic in instilling the basic values ​​of Pancasila in everyday life, so as not to be infected with efforts to replace the ideological system Democracy of Pancasila with other ideologies, and should be more emphasis on pride as the nation of Indonesia. #NKRIHargaMati.

*) Iqbal Fadillah, Social and Politics Observer

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