Election Done, Jakarta Stay Peace

Election Done, Jakarta Stay Peace

Implementation of the second stage of Jakarta Capital City election on April 19, 2017 has been conducted smoothly, safely and conducive. The result of a two-strong battle that during the second round has been sympathetic and community support has been achieved. Although the results of official institutions have not been determined yet, the results of some Quick Counts of survey institutions have almost agreed to declare candidate No. 3 Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno as winners for DKI Jakarta for the next five years.

Efouria victory of win candidate’s successful team, as well as the disappointment and sadness candidate successful team that suffered defeat is a normal thing. It is strange if anyone says that the people of DKI Jakarta experience a deep division due to the struggle of the political elite during the seat of DKI 1. The stigma seems to be intentionally built by certain groups to keep making noise until the official determination of Governor and Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta was elected in 2016- 2021 by the Election Commission of DKI Jakarta as the official institution of the election organizer in DKI Jakarta.

In fact, the voters of DKI are the most rational voters. Even because it is so rational, defeat and victory for the Paslon, it is positioned only as competition and political dynamics without prioritizing the emotional sense. Evidently, the community is not easily influenced by various forms of provocation which deliberately want to be compartmentalized due to political rivalry during the elections, and the public was again preoccupied with their respective activities without exaggerating the effects of SARA issues and the effects of defeat in the governor of DKI Jakarta.

Candidate’s second political contest in the second round has ended. The two candidates rivals during the second round of elections have shown gentle stance as a great national figure. Candidate Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) responded to the quick count result of the second round immediately congratulated Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno who won the Jakarta Capital City election 2017 second round of quick count version. Even Ahok invites Anies-Sandi to access the data needed to fix Jakarta. Ahok also invites all supporters to forget the competition during the campaign and now time to unite to build Jakarta. In his victory speech, Anies Baswedan also invited Jakarta citizens in particular and possibly Indonesian citizens who have been sympathetic to the elections of DKI Jakarta, to seize the phase of difference during the campaign and tie it with a sense of unity and working phase that is shared with all Jakarta citizens To create social justice for all citizens of Jakarta.

Cheers for a victory are of course allowed, but there are limits. Unsuccessful Paslon supporters celebrate victory hegemony by inserting sarcasm. Likewise with the losing candidate supporters, there is no need to be cynical about candidate’svictory by expressing doubts over candidate’s winning performance. Both candidate’s supporters and sympathizers should follow the second big soul of candidate who has received the election results. So if there are still post-election ripples there is even an element provoking the second candidate supporters, it is certainly done by interest groups who want to muddy the atmosphere and want to take advantage of the condition.

Chairman of NU, Said Aqil Siroj even invite all parties who have fought in elections DKI Jakarta to re-unite, it’s time we get back together, maintain tolerance and peace. According to Said Aqil, citizens of Jakarta have shown the quality of democracy is quite good. Jakarta residents are able to showcase good, healthy, polite, smart and elegant way of politicking. The implementation of this good voting should not be spotted, not polluted. The victors do not laugh, the losers must accept with a graceful chest. Said Aqil also asked the public not to get carried away euphoria for candidate who are known to win in fast count results of a number of survey institutions. Let’s together oversee official calculations. Of course with the proportions, mechanisms and forms of escorting in accordance with established rules. Anyone who becomes Governor and Vice Governor should be respected and supported together.

The real winner is a big soul and introspect to be better. The spirit of unity and diversity should be put forward in a democracy which is governed by the 1945 Constitution. Implementation of the direct election of Jakarta Capital City which is directly conducted through the process of democratization has been obtained by leaders who are in accordance with the choice and acceptable and desired by the people in their area. The leader of the people must be able to realize the interests and the will of his people responsibly according to the potential that exists for the welfare of the local people. According to Agung Djokosukarto, there are five dimensions and objectives in the direct election of regional heads, namely, to appreciate human rights in the political field, to realize the principles of participatory democracy (the principle of universal participation), to realize the balance of power between the executive and regional legislative, Egalite, realizing local governance in accordance with the principles of good governance, and strengthening regional autonomy and berotonomi. All of them are based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution that is to carry out the sovereignty of the people. Thus, the elected Governor and Vice Governor of DKI should be able to embrace all parties, all competing candidate, supporters team and sympathizers, as well as all stakeholders to jointly build the state capital for the better, through programs that have been conceptualized as well as continue The previous policies of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta that have been running well.

The stigmatization of the face of national politics following the elections of Jakarta Capital City which is expected to continue to be colored by the sharp competition of the two dominant political forces seems to have been deliberately provoked and it has been proved that there is no political division in society. Communities have been awakened to the political content of religious sentiments mobilized by groups that use religious labels during the campaign period. Post-election political tensions in DKI Jakarta only exist at the level of political elites who try to be polarized to the public level, in the hope of forming public opinion ahead of the 2019 presidential election.

The results of a survey by the Indonesian Survey Institute show that political splitting efforts due to the 2014 Presidential Election were re-elicited in the 2017 Jakarta elections. Most of the masses who voted for Prabowo in the last presidential election tend to vote for Anies Baswedan, while the majority of those who voted for Jokowi tended to vote for Ahok in the elections Jakarta this time. But the people of DKI Jakarta are much wiser, the practice of politics during the elections of Jakarta shows that people are more mature than the leaders. The maturity can be seen from the attitude of the wisdom shown by the society in responding to the sectarian attitude shown by the leaders of political and religious groups, during the election of DKI Jakarta. Meanwhile, the political division entity was precipitated from the political elite supporters of each candidate who are still dropping each other.

As former President Soekarno said that “The state of the Republic of Indonesia belongs not to a group, not to a religion, not to a tribe, not to a thing of custom, but to all of us from Sabang to Merauke!” Therefore, the problem at the level of political elite during the election of DKI Jakarta Election which in fact as the state capital, should be immediately resolved refers to the wisdom attitude of both candidates who have received the result of second round election of DKI Jakarta. Because if not, it is believed will become obstacles for the Governor and Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta elected to run the wheels of government, and later they are more busy managing political conflicts in order to avoid social friction in society.

*) Iqbal Fadillah, Social and Political Observer

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