The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)

A cruel attack has been launched against Novel Baswedan by two person who are not temporarily identified but the Police is expected to  find and to capture them soon. Novel Baswedan was not dead or  bloody wounded bud his two eyes have been hit seriously by a chemical liquid thrown on his face. Novel now could  see nothing. The medical treatment is now being done hoping he will not be blind and could normally see as  usual.  However this expectation will  likely   take long time .  Novel was attack using likely a glass of chemical liquid of H2SO4, a danger chemical liquid,  throwing to Novel’s face and definitely also hit his two eyes.  This chemical liquid is very dangerous because it is sharply hurt the human skin. With this attack Novel could  directly see nothing.

Novel is popular Professional Investigator, a Retired Police Officer,  now he is working for the Corruption Eradication Commission. He is likely considered as one of  the main professional  investigators who is coordinating   the various investigation of crucial corruption investigation cases  detected by KPK.

Analyst tend to predict this two un-identified persons who attack Novel are not professional killer but two persons of hard and  cruel  character  who do not want to kill Novel  but making Novel lame and could not continue his profession.  This two cruel person are just hired by any one or any group committed to corruption case handled by KPK.  The cruel physical attack  happened to Novel  is definitely  the  sabotage against Novel and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)  because Novel would not able to continue his profession.  Because Novel is important person the attack against him  is definitely intended to sabotage the operation of the Corruption Eradication Commission.

Accordingly, what is actually  the background of this cruel attack against Novel  as predicted by various observers  are likely true:  firstly, The attack against Novel is done by   someone or any group who are committed to any giant  corruption  case being investigated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The corruptor should not necessary doing the attack by him  himself  but  he  may  hire  someone to do it. But there are too many giant corruption cases are now investigated by KPK, so it is difficult to predict which case to be likely involved.  It is expected the Police to have excellent capability to investigate it.

Secondly, the attack against Novel is  the preventive or counter action of someone or any group who are committed to the giant corruption scandal case that is being tackled by the Corruption Eradication Commission  (KPK). Now there are  a number of giant or mass corruption being investigated by KPK. The objective of this attack is definite  classic  intention to make the Corruption Eradication Commission could not continue to  complete the investigation  of the corruption  concerns. Sabotage against Novel is an attack to lame duck  the  Corruption Eradication Commission.

Beside the corruption case people tend to remember to the old case committed to Novel when he was Chief of Police Investigator in Bengkulu some years ago he was accused to make cruel investigation that caused someone who was accused as the thief died.  Novel was freed but it might be still considered as unfinished  problem  by someone involving this prblem. The case of Bengkulu is also analyzed as the possible background attack against Novel recently but people tend to consider the attack against Novel recently is the effort of a certain group of people to sabotage the Operation of the Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK).

The  prediction that the attack against  Novel is actually  the sabotage against   KPK   are basically  describing  the general conclusion  of analysis  done by various Observers  who  tend to predict the attack against Novel  was organized by someone or a  group of persons who are now committed to a spectacular corruption scandal  handled by KPK.  The objective of this counter action  is  definitely  to stop the  criminal   investigation that is intensively operated by KPK.  Base  of this general prediction the attack against Novel is definitely the sabotage to destroy the Investigation Capability of KPK because Novel  is  the Senior and the most skillful   Investigators who is coordinating the  investigation operation of various  giant corruption scandal handled by KPK now.

Dramatic Prediction

Based on this dramatic prediction people also likely wish to remind  the respective governmental authority that this counter attack is not only done against Novel but to destroy the investigation capability of KPK.  More  dramatically to erase the existence of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) from the political and economic scene of the Government.

Accordingly observers tend to suggest the strategic and tactical steps to consolidate The Existence of The Corruption  Eradication  Commission   should  be made   urgently :

The Personal Security  of the members of KPK mainly all the Leaders and the Investigators of KPK should be definitely tightened.

The Document Security concerning the Corruption cases handled by KPK and mainly all the Document on giant Corruption Scandal that are  saved  by Novel should be urgently made the inventory  and especially saved.

Not any statement concerning the activities of KPK released by the Public Relation of KPK and  other  officials of KPK. The Job  of the Public Relation of KPK is temporarily  deleted.

Gradually the character  of KPK to be changed similar to the character of the Police Investigation Center  and the Junior Attorney General for Intelligence.  Though these two Government Office are publicly known but their internal situation and their activities  are closed for public.

Information release is only made concerning the Trial  resulted by the Investigation of KPK without revealing any name of KPK Investigator.

The principle of democratic  open  information  for the media is not valid  for KPK.

Since the amendment of Law on KPK  that should be done  by The House of the Representatives is full of controversial  idea  so  it is likely the new Law on KPK as the new close Organization for combating the corruption  should  be  likely  declared based on  the  Presidential right to  establish an emergency Law ( The President Decision Applied as  Law).  The name of the Chairman of KPK could be introduced to the public bud all the persons of the members of  KPK are close for the public. Their name will never be released to public.

KPK is historically an emergency organization but considering the corruption threat is so eminent in this country and may  happens  in the regional development the existence of KPK should be likely considered as a part of Government Structure such as BPK.

*) Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo, a strategic law and political observer in Indonesia.

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