Spreading the Radicalism: Real Threat to Sovereignty of Indonesia

Spreading the Radicalism: Real Threat to Sovereignty of Indonesia

As we all know now Indonesiais facing a strong challenge in the various fields of social life of nation and state as the nation’s pluralistic, then we need mutual respect for differences and further enhance the unity of unity amongst the nation so that the challenges we can face together but on the contrary if the unity and integrity of our fragile then the harmony of internal and inter-religious problems are easily infiltrated by the understanding of radicals who want to make fundamental changes including ideology should have been final and incontestable by anyone of any group that recognizes itself as Indonesian citizens.

Radicalism and terrorism is now a global problem that is no longer regarded the international borders almost all countries in the world have never felt how inhumane acts of terrorism committed by a group of people with radical views Indonesia yourself even had several times experienced terror since Bali bomb attacks in 2012 to the most recent terrorist groups in West Java by using bombs pot in early 2017 terror attacks several times occurred in Indonesia is of course very disturbing security and convenience of the public for this.

The terror attacks that occurred several times in Indonesia is of course very disturbing the security and convenience of the public to deal with this lineup Indonesian police on several occasions have managed to capture and reveal the perpetrators as well as its network but a reality show understanding of radical students that lead to acts of terrorism in the action began to change ways more sympathy, especially among the younger generation by piggybacking activity in the name of tribal religions and races as good citizens we all without exception and consciously have had to instill moral values, so that it can differentiate between good behavior and what is not good contrary to regulations and legislation in force is not excessive if it starts with a curriculum that includes strictly a matter of radicalism and terrorism as a subject it is intended that from an early age by an understanding that is not easily provoked by those groups who are not responsible with economic reasons or other political ideology.

If we look together acts of terrorism in Indonesia has become a potential threat to national and state community life it is caused by several factors, including a lack of public confidence in the law enforcement dulled down sharply upwards.

Causes and Prevention

Low levels of education and human resource quality socioeconomic disparities in the midst of public life and increasingly high poverty rate, the weak of religious understanding and decreasing awareness of the concept of nationalism and defend the country. Our task ahead is not easy but believe in togetherness we are able to fix all aspects of life towards a prosperous Indonesia Let us together as a country organizing the political elite law enforcement supported by the entire community to join hands with each other counteracting radicalism in this area.

Radical is rooted, gradual is gradual, there radicalism and fundamentalism are thought to be merely a thought and if in the form of action in the field called terrorism. Radical Islam implies, has a high ideology to change the order of the applying system.

The issue of Islamic radicalism as a historical sociology phenomenon has often delivered in meetings by the European and American countries, whereas radicalism based on religion not only in Islam, almost all religions there is also the flow of radicalism, such as the AumShinrinkyau mass suicide in Japan.

Doctrine and characteristics of radical groups that interpret the Qur’an and hadith with lust; Takfiri or mark groups as heathen are not the same; The group considers the most correct and convicting others astray; Interpret the meaning of jihad with bi qital (jihad just war or physical contact); Exaggeration in religion; Putting aside the fiqh (deep understanding of a thing); Making terror as a means of propaganda; Excessive fanatical and anti-dialog.

There are several steps that have been and will continue to be implemented among others by continuing to socialize the danger of radicalism to the younger generation college students religious leaders and officials both at the provincial and district levels to enable the role of the forum early awareness of the public from the provincial to the district as a form of community involvement in the prevention of radicalism and terrorism.

*) Jelita Chantiqa, the observer of the national question in LSISI Jakarta.

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