Mental Revolution to Prevent the Danger of Communism

Mental Revolution to Prevent the Danger of Communism

The term of communism has often been confused with international communism. Communism or Marxism is the ideological base that is generally used by communist parties around the world. while the international communist ideology is a concoction derived from Lenin’s thought so that it can also be called “Marxism-Leninism”. Generally communism grounded in the theory of Materialism Dialectic and Historical Materialism, therefore, not be based on trust myth, superstition and religion as such no provision of the doctrine to the masses, with the principle that “religion is considered an opiate” that makes people daydream that restrict people from thinking other ideologies because they are irrational and out of the real thing (the truth of the material).

Indonesia has become one of the great powers of world communism. PKI birth in the 1920s is a continuation of the initial phase of the domination of communism in the country, even in Asia. National communist leaders like Tan Malaka example. He became one of the figures that can not be forgotten in the struggle in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It is not like Vietnam where the struggle for power of communism into an outstanding war. In Indonesia perubuhan communism also occur with bloody incident and continued with the carnage that many lives. And it does not end there, the suspects were followers of communism also rewarded the ex-political prisoners by the government of New Order and get restrictions in performing their life endeavors.

The presence of communists in Indonesia began in 1926, continued in 1948 and ended in 1965. The presence of communists in Indonesia is always in revolt with the aim of exchanging ideology of Pancasila became communist ideology, including communist insurgency that happened in West Sumatra SawahluntoSilungkang in 1926, up finally the dissolution of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and the communist ideology is said to be forbidden is forbidden to grow and develop in Indonesia after the rebellion G30S / PKI.

But in 2016, the communists allegedly again present in Indonesia. Evidenced showed by many reports in the mass media and social media issues pictorial symbols of the communist hammer and sickle. In addition, there are also several active organizations related with the communists, including Institute for Rehabilitation of Victims Struggle New Order regime (LPR-KROB), the Association of Indonesian People (PRI) and Murder Victims Research Foundation (YPKP 65). But so far, YPKP 65 most actively urged the Indonesian government to apologize, filed for rehabilitation, reconciliation and compensation for victims of gross human rights violations, as well as to internationalize the 1965 tragedy, after the verdict from the International People’s Tribunal (IPT), which was held on July 20 2016 in Den Haag, Netherlands, which contains recognition of gross human rights violations in 1965/1966 in Indonesia, as well as post activities National Symposium Disclosure Tragedy 65.

To counter the latent danger of the rise of the communist ideology, we must also get to know the history and the communist ideology and its under bow its organizations as well as a threat to the sovereignty of the Homeland and a better understanding of the notion of ideology Pancasila, which in essence is not only a result of contemplation or thought someone or a group such as ideology else in the world. Pancasila is taken from the noble values ​​of cultural and religious values ​​of the Indonesian nation. Pancasila ideology serves as the nation. Thus, the ideology of Pancasila as the Indonesian state and nation rooted in a view of life and culture of the nation and instead of lift or take the ideology of other countries. Understanding ideology Pancasila is the set of values ​​or norms that include the principles of Pancasila.

Pancasila ideology is an open ideology. That is, the ideology of Pancasila can follow the developments in other countries that have a different ideology Pancasila in various aspects of community life. This is because the ideology of Pancasila values ​​which include; basic values, instrumental values, and practical value. Additionally, Pancasila is not a new idea or recollection of a particular group or groups, but Pancasila is derived from the values ​​held by the people.

As a nation and the state ideology, Pancasila removed from customs values, cultural values ​​and religious values ​​contained in the view of the Indonesian community living before forming state. In other words, the elements that constitute the material lifted from the Pancasila Indonesia’s own views of community life. For example, the habit of cooperation and deliberation are the noble values ​​of the nation’s culture contained in Pancasila. Pancasila as an ideology means be used as a way of life for the people of Indonesia.

And in which the government of President Joko Widodo now, there is a vision that is echoed by the government together with the community. The vision was made into a movement called the national movement Mental Revolution.

Although the term of mental revolution never used by Karl Marx in 1869 in his ‘Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonapartem’. However, the National Movement of President Joko Widodo Mental Revolution is the movement of all the people of Indonesia and the Government to improve the character of the nation becomes a better Indonesia. Many problems occurred in our country today, ranging from the greed of officials who enrich themselves; human rights abuses, to the behavior of everyday people like do not want to stand in line and less concerned about the rights of others. However, the behavior can be changed, mental and character can be built. Mental Revolution was not an option, but a necessity, so that our nation can stand in line with other nations in the world. We could make Indonesia be better to start from the Mental Revolution itself, since at this time.

According to the Mental Revolution draftby President Jokowi, the use of the term “revolution” is not an exaggeration. Indonesia needs a breakthrough because the political culture to combat and to the full all the bad practices that have too long allowed growth since the New Order era to the present. Mental revolution is different from the physical revolution, because it does not require bloodshed. However, these efforts still need moral and spiritual support and commitment in a leader-and should each revolution, the sacrifices required by the community.

Due to the ideology of Pancasila as an ideology is open, and when the Government is promoting a nationwide movement Revolutionary Mental, so the Revolution Mental must be a national movement, our efforts together to counter the threat of ideology that undermines the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and to change the fate of Indonesia to be a nation that is really independent, fair and prosperous. We must dare to control its own future, with the blessing of Allah as stated in verse Al Quran surah Ar-Ra’d verse 11 that “Allah does not change the fate of a nation except the people change what is in them.”

*) Iqbal Fadillah, Social and Politics Observer

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