The Rise of Communism in Indonesia’s Political Constellation

The Rise of Communism in Indonesia’s Political Constellation

Admittedly or not, latent danger of the rise of communist ideology has begun to emerge in the political constellation Indonesia, even supporters and their supporters often make movements and existence despite still way covered, they are quick to strive for more and more people whom affected by their ideology. One indication of an emerging society of communism was the discovery by using a T-shirt and their communist emblem or logo of communist graffiti in Madura, East Java and some other areas. Communist resurrection needs to be watched by all parties because all know if the communist rise then they will finish off his main enemy, namely the scholars, so that the rise of communism should be prevented as hard and do not let pembataian cleric repeated.

Meanwhile, one expert Kritolog and communism in West Nusa Tenggara who requested anonymity said that the rise of the PKI in Indonesia is already real. In fact, many alleged communist supporters that has spread to all levels of society.

Supporter of the rise of the PKI had dared to show themselves with their community openly using attributes like communist communists emblem shirts and painted in several locations including places of worship. Muslims must strengthen the unity and cohesion in anticipation of the resurrection of the PKI.

One of the witnesses of PKI atrocities from West Nusa Tenggara said, had saw the emergence of signs of communists have started with the discovery of several cases in some areas, including in NTB where TNI, Polri and BIN find some people who have the communist flag and emblem apparel communists. Then in East Java, Madura mosque in the Communist emblem paint, some areas are found using T-communist society. PKI history in NTB at the location Rembige, Ampenan and Narmada, as well as various other cases. The war against the PKI is not only done by the military, but also by Islamic organizations and the youth

There should be a movement from below in resisting and fighting related to the communist movement, so do not just stand on the GNPFMUI clerics Bachtiar Nasir and Habib Riziq which today continues to appeal to the community to anticipate and be aware of the birth of a new communist danger.

“He said he supports the strengthening of Islamic economic initiated by GNPF MUI and this should be realized by establishing a cooperative sharia 212. Currently, there are some sharia cooperative founded by the prominent scholars such as sharia cooperative GNPF MUI will establish M 212 M, Cooperative sharia Ary Gina, Sharia cooperative Council of mosques, where. Sharia is the momentum of the cooperative to unite the movement of people. It is believed by the Cooperative Council of Mosques to establish Sharia, “he said, adding the Islamic Youth organization build a movement to encourage the security forces and intelligence at the Centre and the area to help prevent the danger of the rise of PKI.

Tighten the brotherhood and unity

To counteract the rise of communism, the slogan of the Homeland is a fixed price and the 1945 is a national commitment let understood by all elements of the Indonesian people, especially the youth Indonesia’s main target recruitment of communists or terrorists in the contemporary era, when the youth has three important mandates which are there will be nothing that can divisive the Homeland; Maintaining the establishment of Islam in Indonesia; Synergy with the government to provide for the good of the people of Indonesia, especially Muslims.

Indonesian nation as a whole should be aware that we do not recognize ethnic Lampung, Java, Papua, Chinese or whatever it is, because we all are Indonesia and coincidentally happened to be born in Java, Lampung, Papua, Muslim, Christian and so on, but we all are Indonesia.

Many civic and religious organizations in Indonesia who took part in the role of Indonesian independence and the birth of Pancasila and the Constitution to this day and for the future will not be exchanged for another misunderstanding. Therefore, it is reasonable when Pancasila plagued by PKI, terrorists and separatists so many civic and religious organizations together with TNI, Police and BIN shoulder to shoulder to fight the PKI.

It must be remembered that all young people in Indonesia have the same responsibility to maintain the integrity of Indonesia, because many of the efforts of persons who are not responsible for dividing the country the Republic of Indonesia.

Youth task are to protect and defend the Homeland future will be more strict or severe. To that end, the role of youth followed-level education, because education or knowledge is important; learn to think systematically, if youth did not think systematics then the youth will easily receive information hoaxes that would be misleading information that would lead to disruption of integrity of the Republic; able to observe the messages are explicit and are not written, means they must be able to digest and observe the situation and conditions; were able to analyze as well as the need to implement, meaning that knowledge gained can be applied in the community to improve social welfare and integrity of the Republic.

Indonesian youth need to be aware that the circumstances do not easily deflected by parties who want to divide the Homeland, commitment is the integrity of the Republic. Do not spread misinformation and any outstanding issues that do not easily decide and conclude that incite negative direction.

On the other hand, the role of government and all of us are needed to invite and encourage citizen in order to maintain security in their respective regions so that life and the economy will go well. Society must be strong and rounded determination to preserve the unity of the Republic of Indonesia to implement positive activities, because that way the communists, terrorists and separatists will not be developed in Indonesia.

*) Datuak Tjumano, the observer of the national issues in LSISI, Jakarta.

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