God Imaginary Level, Communist Rise Again

God Imaginary Level, Communist Rise Again

The Thirty-September Movement in 1965 is an event that can not be forgotten in all the minds of the Indonesia people. Based on history, the uprising led by the PKI or the Indonesian Communist Party against the government of NKRI (the Unitary Republic of Indonesia).

September 30th, 1965 is a bloody incident that claimed many victims including six Senior Officers of TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces), which has now become Hero of Revolution in Indonesia. As to the six senior officers is the Armed Forces General Ahmad Yani, Major General RadenSuprapto, Major General Mas TirtodarmoHaryono, MajorGeneral SiswondoParman, Brigadier General Donald Isaac Panjaitan, and Brigadier General SutoyoSiswomiharjo.

At that time, the PKI was led by DN Aidit who aggressively doctrines uprising to members of sympathizers, including among farmers and laborers. Stirring to seize the legitimate government by exploiting the issue of pain severity of the Proclaimers and President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno. A great desire to be power push round PKI coup government and its intention to replace the ideology of Pancasila into Communism.

Unfortunately, the greed of power of PKI can be crushed and suppressed by the power of the TNI which were commandeered by the military commander at the time, Suharto. The dynamics government was running quickly and make the military urged Sukarno to give special powers to Suharto. The special powers known as Supersemar. On the basis of the warrant and then make Soeharto as President Soekarno or replacing Thus, the Old Order regime change into the New Order regime.

Under his leadership, the regime failed to hold at the same time restrict the presence of PKI, with regulations issued MPRS decree number XXV/1966 which forbids the presence of PKI in the Republic of Indonesia to the roots. The sound of the MPRS Tap, are:

“Decree of the People’s Consultative Assembly while the Republic of Indonesia Number XXV / MPRS / 1966 Dissolution of the Communist Party of Indonesia, Statement For Organizations Prohibited in the whole territory of the Republic of Indonesia for the Indonesian Communist Party and the Prohibition Each Activity to Spread or Develop Faham or Doctrine of the Communist / Marxist-Leninist shall remain valid provided that all the provisions in the Provisional People’s Consultative Assembly Decree of the Republic of Indonesia Number XXV / MPRS / 1966, coming into force with justice and respect for the law, the principles of democracy and human rights “

The MPRS mentioned above, considered by many sides have managed to inhibit the growth of communist ideology in Indonesia. However, the government must remain vigilant and be extra careful on the existence of communist ideology which still exists across the country.

Effort and resources continue to be encouraged by the adherents of communism to try to abolish the rules MPRS Decree XXV / MPRS / 1966. As one of the organization as a collector container aspiration is IPT (International People Tribunnal) 1965. One of the real things that have been done by IPT 65 is to hold a forum like an international court which was held in The Hague on 10 to 13 November 2015 then. The agenda discussed was about the indications of human rights violations by the government against the PKI or anggotnya activists as well as people who started the communist ideology since the tragic events of  September 30th, 1965 to the New Order era.

Despite efforts made by the court forum IPT in 1965 did not have a strong legal force, in fact it is considered quite successfully to internationalize an indication of human rights violations in Indonesia. In which the Indonesian government is twisted as a suspect in the allegation. Of course, it is an attempt to mislead the history of the Indonesian nation.

As a latent threat in the homeland, the adherents of communist ideology and political prisoners descendants of former political prisoners rarely found into a single unit, as seen in the Old Order. They tend to play nicely, but intensified and began to enter the elite in the government order, starting from village level officials to main officials.

If we turn back time, it is unlawful for the descendants of former political prisoners and detainees entered in the government. Do not become official, when the registration has been rejected. Over time, slowly but surely they too have come to the stage today. Of course, this can be regarded as one of the successes of activists and communists sensible offspring, though they brushed aside by banging the issue of justice and human rights.

Recognizing that communist ideology is a latent danger that will continue to exist and potentially threaten the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and Pancasila as the basic philosophy of Indonesia. This phenomenon actually should be of particular concern for all people Indoneisa, not least the young generation. Cruelty and inhumane act of the past should not be forgotten. Communism will only bring division in Mother Earth through a doctrine that is contrary to the values ​​of Pancasila and its spirit, because the only understanding that according to the characteristics and diversity of the people of Indonesia is Pancasila.

Understanding and applying Pancasila in public life is a real and effort made by all elements of the nation come together to prevent the spread of communism in the growth of the Republic of Indonesia.

*) Iqbal Fadillah, Social and Politic Observer

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