Stop Provocations, Papua Is Indonesia

Stop Provocations, Papua Is Indonesia

The issue of human rights violations (HAM) in Papua back into the world spotlight. Many foreign leaders pay attention to endless conflicts such as in the land of black pearls.

The issue of human rights violations in Papua can be cornered Indonesia as a country that has full authority over its territory. Therefore, Indonesia seems to be working hard to drown out the issues that can lead to widen the distance with the land of paradise.

The island which has the nickname of the Black Pearl cannot be separated from Indonesia’s past. Probe of its history as part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is unique. Since the beginning of Papua’s population, it was the population of families that make up the archipelago of Indonesia State, though “a little late” received recognition from the international world that Papua as part of the Homeland.

Even if the traced from the kingdom of the archipelago, as in the heyday of the kingdom of Srivijaya, Majapahit and the Sultanate of Tidore, the region explicitly turn is mentioned as part of the territories of power to the crown, and sultanate superpowers in their respective era.

Internationalization of Free Papua

The efforts in raising the issues of human rights violations on the international scene, one through Peter Tatchell’s speech when receiving the Gandhi International Peace Award in London on October 31st, 2016. Peter obtained Choice reserved for figures that are non-violent struggle to promote peace in the service of human rights defense for 50 years in the UK and worldwide.

Half of the contents of Peter’s speech are more to discuss about the liberation of Papua. Not to forget, excoriation incessantly against Jakarta in indications of human rights violations in Papua.

“I dedicate this award to those of heroic in Papua (West) and their liberation struggle against colonialism and military occupation. Since the annexation by Jakarta in 1969, at least 100,000 and perhaps 400,000, Papuans have died, “said Tatchell that quoted from Papua Post.

Another effort is none other, by making Papua which will be one of the members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) or better known as the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

Papua Desire to Become a Member of MSG

Melanesian term for designation population in Papua appeared the first time when the European explorers come to the island of Papua. Melanesian origin of the word comes from the Greek word, namely “mela”, which means “black”, because their skin is dark. On this basis, a handful of people who are members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) persist so ULMWP sign a permanent member of the MSG.

Unfortunately, ULMWP’s effort has been rejected on the results of a special summit meeting of the leaders of MSG in Honiara, Solomon Islands on July 13-14, 2016. However KNPB still believes that Papuan liberation effort not rejected MSG, but only postponed due to administrative issues.

ULMWP Fate Oscillated

Denying allegations that ULMWP rejected by MSG, KNPB as the parties are determined to fight in order of receipt of Papua into MSG members through local media and social media Papua continues to proclaim that MSG is only delaying the receipt of administrative constrained ULMWP for unmet.

KNPB certainly cannot remain silent and must prove his belief that almost brittle with continued begging promise to MSG in a bid to become a permanent member ULMWP MSG.

September 2016 is touted as the ULMWPideal time which ULMWP will be accepted and declared as a full member of MSG. In fact, September was passed  and none of MSG agenda were brought to discuss the formulation of the membership. Again, KNPB dismissed by proclaiming that a meeting of leaders MSG retreated to October, 2016.

But what happened in October 2016? The bad news was come for the Papuan people because the leaders’ meeting of MSG return void.

KNPB warranted in December 2016. However, 2016 ended and changed in January in the New Year, there was no sign will emerge discuss their agenda of MSG membership status. And the outcome is ULMWP fate still bobbing become a full member at MSG.

Papua Is Indonesia

The issue of human rights violations in Papua is unfounded. The issue of human rights violations in Papua is a cover that is used as an excuse to support Papuan separatists from the Homeland.

If it is based on the difference between Papua and Indonesia history, it were same as such a ridiculousthings. The efforts of voicing different history itself like a boomerang for the handful of people on behalf of Papuan independence fighters, because it has been forgotten in the history of the country.

As quoted from the book of the history of the Kingdom of Majapahit, which is the book of KertagamaState, Papua explicitly included in the Majapahit kingdom (1293-1520). Additionally, Papua under Majapahit empire also listed in the book Prapanca (1365).

But like the old saying “Let the Dogs Barking and the Caravans Passing”, which means that although many foreign countries that support Papua to separate from the Republic of Indonesia, Papua must keep moving forward with all the past and will remain a part of a big family Homeland.

*) Iqbal Fadillah, Social and Political Observer

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