Vigilance to Prevent Terrorist Threat during Christmas and New Year Celebration

Vigilance to Prevent Terrorist Threat during Christmas and New Year Celebration

Terrorist threats in this country is now increasingly evident, beware of suspicious newcomers and immediately report to the Chairman of RT / RW if you see something strange about the new person, such as directly making a report to the nearest police station about the suspicious person, in order to prevent any unexpected situation. We may not be missed!

Christmas and New Year 2017 is around the corner. New hopes and goals are echoed, including expectations of social life that is calm, peaceful, and safe from all kinds of acts of terrorism. Although we cannot deny that the security forces and the National Police in this matter are still predicting the movement of terrorism in 2017.

The potential threat of terrorism is still high in the next year. A number of militant terrorist groups still exist and spread in various places and their desire to do the acts of terror and violence remains high. Therefore, we must remain alert to any potential threats that may occur. For anticipation, the police continued to improve the strength of personnel, especially Densus 88 with the addition of more adequate equipment.

Our expectations as a society in 2017 is of course to eliminate terrorism. It is hoped to remain a priority of the security forces in Indonesia. During the last few weeks, the Police has continued to make efforts to arrest terrorist suspects. As we know that the leaders of terrorist or the key figures have been arrested, but there are still the grass root members that grow continuously and call for violence. It hints that the threat of violent groups still needs to be monitored.

Some time ago, Indonesian National Police Chief, Police General Tito Karnavian argued that until Tuesday (13/12) there have been six (6) terrorist suspects who were arrested by the police, after their plan to detonate a bomb at the State Palace was foiled by Special Detachment Team Anti-Terror (Densus) 88.

Regarding the arrest, the Chief of Police asked the public to remain calm as well as work and move as usual. He said that the police will continue to work hard, both Detachment 88 and other divisions, working together with the military, local government, as well as all the intelligence networks such as BIN and others to detect all the potential attacks.

Imagine if the terrorists were not arrested, then a number of cities, Jakarta, Bekasi, Purworejo, Ngawi, Sukoharjo, Aceh including other cities in Indonesia might become chaotic during Christmas and New Year 2017. And maybe, there will be many casualties, exceeding previous attacks. And it will be a dark and shameful events in the history of this nation; this country, the Republic of Indonesia will be under the spotlight of the news claiming “The success of terror and terrorism.”

Notwithstanding, as a society, we must remain vigilant, because the arrest is only just a few people. The intellectual actor might be still wandering in the city or countryside. Precautions must also be improved while increasing sensitivity and vigilance as well as readiness to anticipate terrorist acts that might take advantage of the momentum of Christmas and New Year, especially in some critical points that might become potential targets of terror. At the very least, a step in neutralizing the threat of terror by Detachment 88 for Christmas and New Year 2017 has shown positive results. Nevertheless, no matter how good the prediction is, we still may not be off guard and remain vigilant.

May the Lord give strength to the Indonesian security forces; so, there is no room for terrorism to grow in Indonesia. In the future, through deradicalization program, it is hoped that the terrorist will repent their past actions and get back to the right path.

*) Rama Ramadhan, Young Researcher at Kajian Kebangkitan Umat untuk Kebangsaan

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