Terror’s Network Has Been Spreading

Terror’s Network Has Been Spreading

The United States has worried about Islamic State of Iraq and Syria network has been spreading in South East Asia countries. Islamic States has been trying to local militant group who had been existed in South East Asia.

All this time, Islamic States has “partnership historically” been with a number of militant group in the world such as in Egypt, Libya and Nigeria. A Terrorisme Crushing Coordinator at the United States Foreign Ministry, Justin Siberell has explained that Islamic States has been wanted to spread their influences in South East Asia contries.

Siberell has asserted that militant in South East Asia who has been fighting for Islamic States in Iraqi dan Syria had been deployed in the special unit which is called ‘Katibah Nusantara’. Their existences, Siberell further explained, it could be given a huge threat if they will be came back to their each countries.

So far, a number of small attacks and a terror attacks plan which is involved Islamic States network has been thwarted in South East Asia region. The terror experties has worried about Islamic State network will be efectively to grow in these region.

Strenght and Weaknesess

In a later progressiveness, Islamic States in Iraqi has just occupied Mosul city, after Ramadi and Fallujah city had been taken by Iraq army with their allies. Meanwhile, in Syria, just only Raqqa and Al-Bab city has been occupied by Islamic States, after they were failed to retain Manbij and Jarablus city.

Not only that, a number of Islamic States high rank officers had been killed such as Abu Omar al-Shishani (a second command at Islamic States structure), Abu Muhammad al-Adnani aka Taha Sobhi Falaha (a third command at Islamic States structure), Hajj Hamzah (Al Baghdadi’s assistant in Al-Anbar Province, Western Iraqi) Barat) and Abbu Sayyaf (Gasoline Islamic States Minister).

Even Islamic States had been taken a number of losses, one is still has a decesive strenght. According to the United Nation’s probe, a radical Islamic State fo Iraq and Syria (IS) radical had been used mustard gas as a weapon. A report from Joint Investigating Mechanism (JIM) has found conclusion that Syria’s regime has been dropped chemicals weapon in two villages in Idlib Provinces, are in Talmenes on April 21th, 2014 and in Sarmin on March 16, 2015. It has been a worried signals that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS) has been preparing to make chemicals weapon. Even, a number of reports has been addressed that IS has been using chemicals weapon in Iraqi and Syria.

A terror network strenght has dangerously been because these one has been used cyber tools to recruit or recruited their a new members, to access training materials and to planning a terror attacks.

A cyber world has been to be a new domain for a terror movement, so that a terror network mapping didn’t have to related with a big one such as IS, Al Qaeda, but it could be included a number of groups or individual who has been radicalized and dangerous which was built from an interaction at social media.

A terror movement modus at cyber world would be more complex. Effectively, IS has been used social media to recruit youth to be their members. To increasing their capabilities, it would be given a training through social media. A terror members who has been gone to Syria and Iraqi for fighting then they would be returning to their hometown has been done a same movement.

Spreading Network

The threat of terrorism in Indonesia as a result of pressure or excess global and domestic pressures. Global pressure was tinged conflict of political ideas induced global military strategy the United States to strengthen the economy of their political future through the issue of “Rebalancing Asia Pacific” as well as the internal dynamics in the form of radicalism religion in Indonesia, including the escalation of acts of terrorism due to the existence of the support of citizens who become investigators ISIS, the existence of militant groups or networks offender or former terrorists, is still strong support for jihad transferred funds various groups which have so far identified are from Turkey , Australia and several countries in the Middle East, including the flow of illegal immigrants who enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Based on the reports of Foreign Affairs Global Terrorist Fighter, Indonesia is among countries that became members of ISIS supplier who until January 2016, there were 300 people. Meanwhile, the country most of its citizens who joined the ISIS include Tunisia (6,000), Saudi Arabia (2,275 people’s), Jordan (2,000 people’s), Russia (1,700 people’s), France (1,550 people’s), Turkey (1,400), and Morocco (1,200). Based on the data owned by the Indonesian government on the sharing of resources, there were 500 people.

Risk Assessment in the Regional Meeting on Terrorism Financing 2016 South East Asia and Australia in Bali, Indonesia has mentioned in the category of very threatened. Currently, there were 568 people in Indonesia who went to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. As many as 183 of them have returned. This figure is higher than in Malaysia with 73 and Australia 110 people who have traveled to Syria and Iraq. In addition, it was detected 11 terror groups active in Indonesia.

*) Toni Ervianto has earned his master at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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