The People of Papua Must Reject the Lies of the Separatist Group

The People of Papua Must Reject the Lies of the Separatist Group

The failure of ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) to become a full member in Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) forum becomes a serious concern of Forkorus Yobosembut who claimed himself as the President of Negara Federal Republik Papua Barat (NFRPB). Forkorus Yobosembut even questioned the establishment of ULMWP regarding when and why it was established and where it usually holds its meeting both domestically and abroad, whom it works with, in which he already knows the answers. In fact, the birth of ULMWP was also triggered by him on which two of his staffs decided to separate from NFRPB and create their own battle. Just like 2 children who got married without his permission, one of them gave birth to ULMWP.

According to him, on 19 December 2014, he sent Edison Waromi, Markus Haluk and Yakob Rumbiak to MSG meeting to convey NFRPB’s criteria to become MSG member in Port Moresby that time, yet the result suggested that West Papua inclusive of Indonesia must form an umbrella organization. This opportunity was then used to form ULMWP.

Besides, he has suggested that ULMWP did not need to be formed soon but there needed to be an evaluation first because there had been so many struggling organization for free Papua. It would be better if the names of those organizations that were submitted to MSG to be selected as its member. However, his suggestion was rejected instantly by the founding fathers of ULMWP, whom he hosted in Sentani. He was also the one establishing the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), yet along the way, it decided to separate from NFRPB.

He then continued that previously there were 4 envoys from ULMWP coming to him asking for his blessing for the MSG summit in Honiara. He received them and told them to continue but they may not deter NFRPB in MSG because it helped Indonesia.

“Edison Waromi, Markus Haluk and Yakob Rumbiak met me after their return form Port Moresby, I told them that I cut our working relationship for a while. Especially for Markus Haluk, I fired him because he was recruited by using official letter. I cut the working relationship with them because they were inconsistent with what I had decided especially regarding the declaration,” he added.

Due to these circumstances, NFRPB was not within ULMWP and ULMWP itself is struggling on behalf of the people of Papua only, in which inconsistent with the declaration. They should be ashamed because although it was inconsistent, it kept carrying the name of NFRPB and the Papuans.

Regarding ULMWP’s membership, MSG postponed its decisison because they did not reach any consensus. MSG will hold further meeting to discuss membership matters in September 2016 on which they will create the criteria and guidance to be the Full Member Only State, Associate Member State, or just an observer.

Therefore, the chance for ULMWP to be the Full Member Only State is very small because it will be very tight especially if MSG apply VIP criteria. This information is valid because he got it officially from his colleagues in Australia and Netherland.

“So in short, ULMWP has been politely rejected by MSG, thus we need not lie anymore to the people, and we should tell them the truth so that they do not wait something uncertain or untrue. We cannot lie to our own people. In MSG, they do not recognize regular voting system but the unanimous voting system, thus if one member of MSG does not agree, then all do not agree. Solomon Island ever proposed that ULMWP may join but must not talk politics, just economics and culture, but even that was not approved,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the people of Papua has long respected the order and values in Papua rooting on tolerance attitude with one another. It is sad that now there appear some very young groups declaring themselves as ULMWP claiming as the representative of the indigenous people of Papua. Through their campaigns and propagandas to attract Papuan to support their struggle abroad such as in MSG, they often ignore the tradition that long has lasted in Papua and the people of Papua apparently get trapped in the group’s conspiracy. No place for ULMWP in MSG. This was emphasized by Ambassador Desra, the Director General of Asia Pacific and Africa of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Indonesia, in his press release at the Editorial Office of Bintang Papua, Tuesday, (19/7).

The fight of ULMWP is basically not a pure aspiration of the Papuans, it more likely accommodates foreign interests brought by the Papuans who lived permanently abroad. ULMWP’s campaign saying that NRFPB was its supporting group is a lie because until now, NRFPB firmly confirms that it is not within the ULMWP. NRFPB refers to the principle that the application submission to MSG must be in form of state so that NRFPB should be the leader in the application, not ULMWP. (

Separatist Group Is a Liar

The statement of Forkorus Yobosembut who is also the President of NFRPB seems more honest than the statement of KNPB, PRD, PNPB and ULMWP in all their protests regarding problems in Papua.

From Forkorus Yobosembut’s statement, we, as citizens of Indonesia outside the Papua and West Papua province are increasingly aware that the problems in Papua is actually a foreign intervention and a part of foreign subversion through its compradors in Papua.

We are more convinced that the KNPB and allies indeed have deceived the people of Papua and their promises so far are only “nonsense / yapping”, even, in order to gain personal benefit, “the political wing” of Papua Separatist Movement (GSP) is brave enough to go against the tradition in Papua, making it feasible for them to be referred to as the swindler and the children of disobedience.

I fully believe that ULMWP will never become the full member of MSG, its status as an observer is in fact possible to be withdrawn in MSG meeting next September. The reason is clearly because MSG realizes that ULMWP is only a political adventurer that never represent the Papuan, it is only a proxy of foreign interests to destroy Indonesia in which against the international constitution and also, the MSG member countries will never want to break their diplomatic relationship with Indonesia.

A. Rahman*) Arif Rahman is Papua issue and current affairs observer, he is also actively researching mass communication in Galesong Institute, Jakarta.

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