The International People’s Tribunal (IPT) in Den Haag is the Communist Political Infrastructure to Survive

The International People’s Tribunal (IPT) in Den Haag is the  Communist Political Infrastructure to Survive

On July 20, 2016 in Den Haag, The Netherlands,  Zak Yacoob, Chief of Council of the International People’s Tribunal, read the Decision of IPT of 1965 on Indonesia. The Decision of IPT of 1965 on Indonesia in general are  to support the remnant of the members of the Communist Party of Indonesia to survive : Indonesia is responsible to the cruelty on human right done by the Military through the Command System. Those action was done against the Indonesian Citizens silently but widely.

IPT  describes  those human right cruelty as the so called   “Ten Heavy Human Right Violation”  done in the period of 1965-1966 in Indonesia, namely the massacre, demolishment, jailing, slavery, torturing, kidnapping, sexuality by force, separating away from the community, false information, foreign involvement and genocide.  IPT describe all of those cruel human right violation are the part of total attack against the Communist Party of Indonesia (CPI) and its branch organizations  comprising of all the Organization leaders, the members, its supporters and their family included those of the CPI’s sympathizers and those who have no any relation with the CPI. The Indonesian Government was mistaken not to stop preventing the situation to go on. The similar cruel actions done by those non-Government apparatus were  the Government responsibility to stop and brought them to Court.

IPT recommended three decision of Court, namely : the Government of Indonesia should ask for pardon to all the Victims(Communist Party of Indonesia). To detect all the actors and bring them to Court (TNI  and the Government Officials. The Government should pay the compensation proportionally to the victims  (the remnant members of the Communist Party of Indonesia)

The Background Situation of Indonesia in the year 1965

The year of 1965 Indonesia was seriously under the Communist threat which is believed supported by the foreign communist power prepared to launch military action  to take over the national leadership from President Soekarno.

Utilizing a group of TNI officers and soldiers influenced by the Communist ideology, on September 30, 1965 Communist Party of Indonesia tried to take over  the  political power of the Indonesian Government, started with the killing of Six Generals  of the Army Leadership in Jakarta, one Captain the ADC of General AH Nasution who was safe from the kidnapping and also brutally killed Colonel Katamso,  The Commander of the Military Regional Area Command of Yogyakarta. The Army was considered as the main enemy of the CPI.

Major General Soeharto, the Commander of the Army Strategic Command being the professional military strategist urgently  based on various valid information ordered the Special Force unit to control all the strategic position in Jakarta especially the Centre of the Communication System and Radio Station

The Communist Party was felt seriously danger  and it was resulting   the national consensus among the Non and Anti Communist group  that the Communist Party of Indonesia  (CPI) should be dismissed and its power should be crushed. The year of 1965 was definitely the year of War against the Communist Power. General Soeharto based on the special authority to create the peaceful  situation of the country from President Soekarno decided to dismiss the CPI.

In 1966 the Peoples Consultative Assembly decided that  Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Maoism are teaching and ideology  that are forbidden to be spread off in Indonesia and the Communist Party of Indonesia (CPI) and all its mass followers are dismissed and forbidden to exist in Indonesia.

However now  (50 years latter) utilizing the political issue of human right and democracy the remnant members of CPI has  utilized IPT  in  Den Haag for her effort to survive.

Accordingly, the firm political response of the Indonesian Government, who is rejecting the IPT decision in Haag is definitely very true. The continuous alertness against Communism and Communist Party is clearly important.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs General (ret) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan firmly said the Government of Indonesia will not pay any attention and follow the statement of IPT Council to ask for pardon to the victims of the so called the human right violation  that happened  in Indonesia in 1965.

The Government of Indonesia does not care to the activity of IPT, there is no any Indonesian interest to the IPT Council and IPT Council has not any authority to the Government of Indonesia. There is no any administrative or command line between IPT Council and Republic of Indonesia. Republic of Indonesia is sovereign Country and no one could command the Indonesian Nation.” General (ret) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said to the Press on Wednesday July 20, 2016 in the Compound of the Indonesian State P:alace.

Lieutenant General (ret) Luhut firmly said Indonesian is a great Nation that could solve her problem by her own  capability. Not any one out of the Country should try to intervene  the Indonesian problem. “Indonesia will solve the Indonesian problem with Indonesian way of solving but in line with the universal value.” General (ret) Luhut added his statement. General (ret) Luhut also rejected the IPT statement that human right violation caused by the genocide happened in Indonesia in 1965. “There was never any genocide to take place in Indonesia, what is the number of victims in the case of genocide. The accusation of the genocide should be legally approved.” General (ret) Luhut said. “The decision of IPT would never become any consideration   of  the Government of Indonesia. IPT is not world accepted institution “ General (ret) Luhut ended his statement.

Meanwhile Mohammad Mahfud MD, the former Chief of the Constitutional Court said, IPT Council’s decision will never influence the Indonesia authority.

Mohammad Mahfud said, IPT is not world official Court. Its decision has no any legal power. According to the Indonesian Legal System, Republic of Indonesia recognizes  two Criminal Courts, first the Criminal Court within the Country and International Criminal Court of Justice, Mohammad Mahfud said.

The Political Movement of the Remnant of the Members of CPI

he doctrine of the Communist Party of Indonesia (CPI) says that the CPI cadres should try what ever the situation is faced to survive and constitute another organization as the legal political party again.

CPI had been dismissed in 1966 and Marxism, Communism and Maoism are forbidden teaching and ideology in Indonesia. But definitely the remnants of the members of CPI though they are old enough but actively to organize themselves in various social activities.

The issue of human right and the existing of the National Commission of Human Right has been manipulated by the remnant members of CPI too revive.

Supported by the National Commission of Human Right  and one member of the Presidential Adviser Council who is likely the CPI sympathizer had successful to conduct the Symposium on the National Tragedy of 1965 in June 20, 2016 that concluded there has been massacre among the CPI members in 1965 scattered in various mass graves in all around the Country.

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs has been ordered by President Jokowi to check whether or not the issue of massacre  and mass graves is true . The Government  is demanded   to ask for pardon to the victims of the national tragedy in 1965. However Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs believes  the issue of the massacre and the mass graves is not true.

All of those gigantic issue on massacre and mass graves will be clearly only the political issue created by the remnant of the CPI member and sympathizers to have chance to officially reorganize themselves to fulfill their human right to involve in the political activities.

It is the idea of the remnant of CPI cadres to organize  all the remnant members of CPI in Social Organization  but  gradually they could embark to political organization based on  Marxism  and Communism  philosophy.

The Conclusion

One of the important Communist Party of Indonesia’s  doctrine that we must put  continues  attention is the compulsory of every Communist Party cadre to try to survive whatever  the situation they are facing.

It has been detected that the remnant members of the Communist Party of Indonesia are trying to organize themselves in various social  organizations   to maintain their spirit and the possibility to survive again in the political activities.

They never stop to try  for the survival and presently the National Commission for Human Right likely has given chance to them for the possible survive.

The success of the Symposium on the National Tragedy in 1965  organized  by the National Commission for Human Right and one of the member of the Presidential Adviser domestically has opened the chance for the remnant members of CPI to be active socially.

Surprisingly internationally the chance for the remnant members of the CPI to survive has been opened and helped by the  International  Personal Tribunal in Den Haag to wake up  those still alive the remnants of CPI cadres to start their struggle for the survival.

It is important to note that to prove that the CPI is  the evil traitor, President Soeharto has ordered the State Secretary Moerdiono   to compose the background situation of  The Movement of September 30 in 1965 in official book  published  by the Government of the New Order.

It is not easy mission but the special Team formed  and successfully finished its mission and officially The State Secretary Office on October 1, 1994  published the book in two edition, in Indonesian and in English. The title of the book is   “The Movement of the September 30, the CPI rebellion and the way to crush them”,   with the Introduction by Minister Moerdiono as the State Secretary. The book has been also considered as the White Book on the Background  of Crushing  and Demolishing  the Communism and CPI in Indonesia.

The book could definitely be found in the Office  of the State Secretary  or  in the Library of maybe  BIN or in TNI Historical  Centre or owned  by the a number of people personally .

This kind of books is important to be reprinted and distributed among young generation within and outside the Government Office and TNI. The coming young generation has to know that the Communist are not human, democratic and openness   group. They are extremist, radical  and  brutal. The Communist is the devil.

Based on the facts as printed in this book   the decision of the IPT in Den Haag, the Netherlands  can easily be  rejected and neglected.

 TOAS H*) Toas H is a social and political observer at Galesong institute, Jakarta


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